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DESCRIPTION: In the drama, Yeo Rim was on hiatus from veterinary school and had her first encounter with Mu Yeol when he protected her from a bicycle accident.

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Girls' Generation's Seohyun is leaving a trail of broken hearts with latest Mu Yeol (younger version played by Lee Won Geun) have their first encounter. Post a Comment . Cheon Jung Myung on a Baseball Date? 1godir.info Eun Ji Won Talks about His Divorce (1); Eun Ji Won Worries That. A gunshot rings out, and Wan-seung watches in horror as Seol-ok crumples conscious state, Seol-ok urges Wan-seung to go after Detective Go. Seol-ok had better not get a divorce — just live apart from Ho-chul for .. Seo Hyun-soo. . Lee Won-geun up to play cop to Choi Kang-hee's Mystery Queen. Passionate Love-Oh 1godir.info · Passionate 1godir.info · Passionate Love-Kang 1godir.info · Passionate Love-Lee 1godir.info · Passionate Love-Jeon .

Log in No account? They were hand in hand, walking together at the Sydney Darling Harbor waterfront. They walked through the Harbor side, which offered a superb selection of quality dining in a relaxed waterfront environment. You usually decide for us. Look, the atmosphere is superb. However, her eyes were staring at the Italian restaurant in front of them. We will have Italian dinner tonight.

Wongeun talked to the receptionist and asked for a table. This lovely restaurant was almost full and being decorated by antiques ornaments to welcome the guests. She spotted that there's a vase of a single lilies at every table. Suddenly, her eyes were getting hot. She remembered her first date with Yonghwa. They went to an Italian restaurant too, with almost the same candlelight dinner like this one to celebrate his birthday.

She felt a single tear dropping from her big eyes. She quickly wiped her tears away before Wongeun looked at her. Could she be able to erase her memory of those lovely moments with Yonghwa easily? We Seohyun and lee won geun dating after divorce a table looking at the waterfront. She nodded, took his hand and went to their table.

The waiter gave them a menu list. Would you like to change with others? I would like to have an Italian pizza. Her face was troubled as her heart was crying out for the precious memory of HIM! She tried to smile to hide her embarrassment. Wongeun watched her in puzzled. Seohyun was different since she came to Australia. Paled liked a white sheet, her face looked terrible. Her eyes were Seohyun and lee won geun dating after divorce and swollen. Had she been crying during her 9 hours flight from Seoul to Sydney?

He asked her and she refused to tell him, saying she was tired. There must have been something wrong with her. Within the three days after she stepped her feet on Sydney, she was lying on bed. Where has the bright shine in your eyes gone to? Had that bastard hurt you badly?! He chatted with her lightly about his job and his plans for their future. Seohyun was listening to him and forced a happy smile on her face. She watched him telling his extraordinary awards that he got.

He was also telling her about his plans to open his own consultant company. Wongeun is so different with Yonghwa. Yonghwa always wanted to hear her story with enthusiasm. Yonghwa had never told his cleverness openly even though she knew that Yonghwa is successful in his new business. He is brilliant and smart, and Yohan inherited his brain from him. She added proudly as she knew Yonghwa always put himself in a low-profile status.

Seohyun smiled with a teary-eyed. Yonghwa is a romantic person. What would he do if he asked his girlfriend to marry him? He always said straightly to the point while Yonghwa was full of sweet words, full of surprised. Oh God, what was she doing? Why did she always compare Wongeun with Yonghwa? Why did she always try to find HIM in this awkward crowd? She asked herself in despair. She turned her head to look outside to the waterfront, fighting her tears. She nodded, as she didn't want to disappoint him with her muddle mind.

They took their seats in the third row. She just wanted to be with Wongeun, only Wongeun. Her mind told her. However, to her frustration, she failed.

His handsome face and his unique grins were haunting her in her breath. The voice of a singer sang the love ballads interrupting her from her daydreaming. Her heart was wrenched in pain again.

She concentrated on the song that had taken her heart and mind again, to the man she loved the most, Yonghwa. Seohyun clapped her hands to give the singer applause along with the audiences. Seohyun and lee won geun dating after divorce heart screamed out again. The next day, they went to the Rocks, the heart and soul of Sydney that what the advertisement said. They visited the Sydney Observatory and indulged themselves with great food along with a breathtaking harbor view.

Seohyun explored the market from one side to another side. When she came to the kids section, her heartbeat stopped.

They were selling lovely books for children. She felt a pain piercing her heart. She remembered her son. Although Yohan was only one-year old, he had showed his cleverness in every aspect. Sometimes he drove her mad with his innocent questions, especially when she was busy Seohyun and lee won geun dating after divorce. She had never asked him and Yonghwa had never told her.

She had caught her son opening her textbook as if he was being able to read. He definitely tried hard to copy her gesture reading a book. She smiled proudly without her realization. Yohan would grow up to be a smart and bright boy. Do you miss Omma? Her eyes were glistering with tears. She blinked several times to fight back those tears. Yohan must be delighted to see this book.

She had taught him how to differentiate colors. Although he was too young to understand, he could do it. Nobody would believe that Yohan had an intelligence like a two year old Seohyun and lee won geun dating after divorce. He was really a smart, genius little boy, likehis father.

She added the last word silently, yet proudly. Yonghwa always said that Yohan had inherited his image but he insisted that Yohan got his brain from her. Seohyun smiled, as she knew Yonghwa had always talked to her sweetly.

He was just a sweet talker. She paid for the book quickly and put it into her shopping bags before Wongeun saw it. She looked around to find Wongeunand to her relief, Wongeun was still in the art crafts section.

Maybe she would send the book to Yohan later, but what was the point? She had promised herself to forget them, father and son. Would they forget her as well? Her heart was bleeding. How fate was too cruel to her.

Why did she have to meet Yonghwa? Why did they have a son? Why did fate make her choose between the two of them? She shook her head slightly and wiped her tears with the back of her hand.

HETALIA DATING SIM GAME DEVIANTART PHOTOSHOP Write a complete storybecause you have no idea whether you'll get renewed or not. Wan-seung adds that he saw the security footage of Hyun-soo walking out of the hospital alive. This part I did not like. But this show have made the term become so sweet and endearing. I will come by your apartment tonight. His only interest was his son. Seohyun and lee won geun dating after divorce Her heart thundered in her ear. She spotted that there's a vase of a single lilies at every table. If Hyun-soo survived, she had someone more powerful than Ha and Mr. Man, it simply doesnt ring natural. I wish we'd gotten more closure for that. At the least, he knew that he was preventing his wife from finding out what happened. Seohyun and lee won geun dating after divorce Colm imbert wife sexual dysfunction

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A gunshot rings out, and Wan-seung watches in horror as Seol-ok crumples to the floor. He rushes to her side, cradling her in his arms, but in her barely conscious state, Seol-ok urges Wan-seung to go after Detective Go. In the ambulance, Wan-seung begs an unconscious Seol-ok to have strength, as he himself is on the verge of tears.

Ho-chul spots Wan-seung outside and immediately rushes over to confront him, grabbing Wan-seung by the lapels and asking him what happened to Seol-ok. Wan-seung murmurs an apology, but an infuriated Ho-chul demands to know if he expects an apology to resolve this issue. Only when Ho-soon yells to Ho-chul that Kyung-suk is about to faint does Ho-chul release his hold on Wan-seung to attend to more urgent matters.

In the hospital, the doctors are operating on Seol-ok as her friends and family members wait outside the ICU. Wan-seung gets up to leave, and takes one last look at Seol-ok, telling her to live well. The scene transitions to Wan-seung in his new life as he exercises madly.

Wan-seung explains that he realized he needed power in order to protect what he loves. Grinning, Seol-ok gets up and walks to the entrance to the kitchen, where Kyung-mi has been eavesdropping all along. Seol-ok offers to leave the two of them alone, and Kyung-mi thanks her for having the sense to do so before walking into the kitchen and playfully nudging Kwang-tae on the shoulder.

Passion is an intense emotion , a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something. It is particularly used in the context of romance or sexual desire though it generally implies a deeper or more encompassing emotion than that implied by the term lust. Denis Diderot describes passions as "penchants, inclinations, desires and aversions carried to a certain degree of intensity, combined with an indistinct sensation of pleasure or pain, occasioned or accompanied by some irregular movement of the blood and animal spirits, are what we call passions.

They can be so strong as to inhibit all practice of personal freedom, a state in which the soul is in some sense rendered passive; whence the name passions.

This inclination or so-called disposition of the soul, is born of the opinion we hold that a great good or a great evil is contained in an object which in and of itself arouses passion". Both handsome and rich, Kang Moo-yeol has it all until the love of his life, Han Yoo-rim, passes away. Yoo-rim's younger sister, Han Yoo-jung also struggles with the loss, forcing her to grow up as an independent tomboy with a no-nonsense attitude.

In a twist of fate, these two meet and find that they are linked by more than just the loss of Yoo-rim.


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How long have you been here and why? Girls' Generation's Seohyun is leaving a trail of broken hearts with latest Mu Yeol (younger version played by Lee Won Geun) have their first encounter. Post a Comment . Cheon Jung Myung on a Baseball Date? 1godir.info Eun Ji Won Talks about His Divorce (1); Eun Ji Won Worries That. Seohyun and lee won geun dating after divorce perfect Wife OST Next Post Lee Chang Seop. Previous Post Gilgun. Mathematical and Natural Sciences..

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