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DESCRIPTION: Rajesh Ramayan " Raj " Koothrappali[1] Ph. Raj is based on a computer programmer that the show's co-creator, Bill Pradyknew back when he himself was a programmer.

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Lavender marriage - Wikipedia

Fanpop Poll Results: Do you think that Raj and Howard have an "Ersatz Homosexual Marriage?" - Read the results on this poll and other Big Bang Theory polls. A lavender marriage is a male-female marriage in which one or both of the partners is homosexual or bisexual. He refused to end his relationship with his male partner, Jimmy Shields, and enter into a marriage at the direction of his studio. An “ersatz” product is a substitute for a higher-quality version of that item, as an “ersatz homosexual relationship” on The Big Bang Theory).

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Rajesh Ramayan " Raj " Koothrappali[1] Ph. Raj is based on a computer programmer that the show's co-creator, Bill Pradyknew back when he himself was a programmer.

Raj is Howard Wolowitz 's Simon Helberg best friend, with whom Raj shares what Nayyar calls a " bromance ", although the relationship is frequently made awkward by Raj's metrosexuality. Raj works as an astrophysicist in the Physics Department at Caltech.

He had selective mutismwhich did not allow him to talk to women outside of his family unless he was under the influence of alcohol or medicationuntil the season 6 finale. However, he despises Indian foodand his knowledge about Indian culture and Hinduism is often rebuked by Sheldon, who is seen to speak better Hindi than him.

He was born into a wealthy family and has five siblings, one of whom is Priya, a former on-off girlfriend of Leonard. Raj is normally seen wearing a layered combination of a printed shirt and sweater vest under a track top -style windbreaker with khakis or cargo pants and skate L2432 ersatz homosexual relationship. White briefs are Raj's underwear of choice.

Between seasons one and eleven, Raj styled his naturally curly hair with hair gel "while trying to blend in". Raj joins in playing Halo online and trading-card games with his friends, [3] [4] and has even claimed to have experienced gaming addiction in the past. It was revealed in "The Monster Isolation" that Raj did at least part of his higher education at the University of Cambridgewhere he discovered his interest in astrophysics.

While in general Raj is more patient with Sheldon than Leonard, Howard or PennySheldon is completely oblivious to this, and even casually cuts him off as a friend on one occasion. Another recurring joke is his metrosexualitywhich manifests itself in his appreciation for media generally associated with female patrons, such as the novel Eat, Pray, Lovethe TV series Sex and the City and films featuring Sandra Bullock.

This has led those close to him to opine that he is somewhat feminine as in " The Closure Alternative "and others to mistakenly conclude that he is homosexual a theory his sister mentioned in "The Herb Garden Germination" that had been held by members of their familywhich he typically denies even asserting his metrosexuality in "The Transporter Malfunction"but which Howard often teases him over.

One of Raj's biggest personality quirks is his tendency to L2432 ersatz homosexual relationship or act inappropriately, often landing him in trouble or leading to an angry reaction from whomever he has upset. This was particularly pronounced when he was under the influence of alcohol, which could cause a catchsince for years he needed alcohol to even speak to a woman, but the alcohol led to him say the wrong things.

On one occasionjust as Leonard and Penny are about to have sex in their hotel room, Raj enters and obliviously proceeds to climb into Sheldon's recently vacated L2432 ersatz homosexual relationship, completely unaware of what he has interrupted. On another occasionhe openly discussed having had crushes L2432 ersatz homosexual relationship Penny and Bernadette directly in front of them, which caused both discomfort, and unwittingly hurting Amy's feelings when he admits that he never had a crush on her as well despite Penny and Bernadette's best efforts to alert him to this fact.

When socializing with his friends, despite his Indian accentRaj is noted for using slang and using the word "dude", although on some occasions he appears to not understand American slang.

He speaks fluent Hindi, [6] [7] [8] but according to Sheldon, his mother tongue is English. L2432 ersatz homosexual relationship the season six finale, Raj's principal characteristic was his inability to speak to or around L2432 ersatz homosexual relationship women, a medical condition known L2432 ersatz homosexual relationship selective mutism.

In the show this was alluded to by Dr. Beverly HofstadterLeonard's mother. Until the end of the sixth season, Raj remained silent when Penny was present. Penny occasionally taunted him about this, saying such things as "Yo, Raj, talk to me". Raj sometimes whispered what he wanted to say to Howard or L2432 ersatz homosexual relationship, who then repeated his words or responded to his question out loud.

However, Howard sometimes used the situation to amuse himself—for example, when he "confessed" on Raj's behalf that Raj had stalked Penny with binoculars, or when Sheldon called Penny over to their table to silence Raj; Howard then refused to act as a mouthpiece and told Raj, "No no no, he won; Suck it up. Raj turns to Leonard facing away from Penny and responds, "Oh, sure, cut the foreigner in half. There's a billion more where he came from. In " The Grasshopper Experiment ", Penny who was practicing mixing cocktails in order to obtain a bartending shift inadvertently discovered that Raj's mutism could be suppressed by consuming alcohol: Raj experimented with medications that suppressed social anxiety, but they tended to have side effects.

When Sheldon's sister Missy visited, Raj took medicine that L2432 ersatz homosexual relationship him to speak to her, but it resulted in involuntary repetitive hand motions. In the episode " The Wildebeest Implementation ", [16] Raj was worried that an experimental drug he was considering might affect his rationality, but Sheldon encouraged him to take it anyway: The subsequent trauma apparently cures his mutism, and he finds he can talk to Penny, Amy, and Bernadette while completely sober.

However, he talks so much that the women become bored and irritated and start drinking in order to put up with him. Raj regularly L2432 ersatz homosexual relationship with his parents, Dr. Koothrappali back in India via webcam. Raj is the only one of the guys whose father has been revealed on the show until the ninth season, as Sheldon's father is deceased, Howard's father abandoned him when he was eleven, and Leonard's father didn't make an appearance until season 9, where he appeared when Leonard was again getting married to Penny.

When they become meddling or judgmental, he "brings his parents" into Leonard and Sheldon's apartment via his laptop. In the season 2 finale, Mrs. Wolowitz have an argument because the latter does not L2432 ersatz homosexual relationship that there is not a single Outback Steakhouse restaurant in India.

A running gag in the series is Raj portraying himself as having come from humble origins and growing up in poverty in India, only for his friends to remind him that his father is a gynaecologistdrives a Bentley which he protests was a "lease"and had servants although he protests on one occasion that there were only four servants, and that two of them were children.

In one episode, Raj tries to avoid returning to India for his cousin's wedding, as Raj's parents have arranged a date for him. Raj has three brothers and two sisters. Raj's sister Priya has a one-night stand with Leonard in Season 4. This leads to a brief argument between Leonard, Raj and Howard for breaking the "pinky swear" that Leonard and Howard made about never trying to make a move on her. Later L2432 ersatz homosexual relationship the series, Priya and Leonard start a relationship against Raj's wishes, which is awkward as she is living with Raj at the time.

In the Season 4 finale, Raj had to move temporarily into L2432 ersatz homosexual relationship apartment after overhearing Leonard using Star Trek references as sexual metaphors to his sister. Also, in the season 3 episode " The Precious Fragmentation ", Raj tries to negotiate the possession of the One Ring with the help L2432 ersatz homosexual relationship his cousin Venkatesh Koothrappali, who is an attorney but agrees with Raj that he is useless in that role.

In the season 7 episode " The L2432 ersatz homosexual relationship Polarization ", Raj talks about naming his first child Dileep L2432 ersatz homosexual relationship his grandfather.

Raj is an astrophysicist in the Physics Department at Caltechbest known for a publication L2432 ersatz homosexual relationship Kuiper belt object size distribution. For his discovery of a planetary object beyond the Kuiper belt, NQ 17which he named " Planet Bollywood ", Raj was included L2432 ersatz homosexual relationship People magazine's "30 Visionaries Under 30 Years of Age to Watch", received L2432 ersatz homosexual relationship larger office, and became a celebrity of sorts, drawing the envy of his friends.

After six months of failed research on the composition of trans-Neptunian objectsRaj feared being deported back to India at which point, he describes spending his time L2432 ersatz homosexual relationship work as "mostly checking L2432 ersatz homosexual relationship, updating his Facebook status, and messing up Wikipedia entries ". To stay in the country, he sought out a research position in stellar evolution with Professor Laughlin; the job proposition failed as the research team included an attractive woman, and Raj, who became drunk so he could talk to her, made an inappropriate comment.

Raj ended up working alongside Sheldon or "for" him, L2432 ersatz homosexual relationship Sheldon insists"exploring the string theory implications of gamma rays from dark matter annihilations ". For most of the series' run, Raj had not been involved in any lasting romantic relationship, mostly due to his inability to speak to women.

However, he was much more successful in casual sex than the more sexually aggressive Howard. He once dated Lalita Gupta, a childhood friend, in an arrangement made by his parents. With Raj able to speak to her only under the influence of alcohol, the date goes badly, and Lalita left the intoxicated and bothersome Raj to have dinner with Sheldon.

After Raj behaves boorishly with Penny while at a People magazine L2432 ersatz homosexual relationshipand presents Penny to his parents via webcam as his girlfriend, he later apologizes, first with a written note.

When Penny forces him to do so verbally, he utters a barely audible "sorry". Raj also seeks to date Sheldon's attractive twin sister, Missy. To do so, he takes an experimental drug to correct his anxiety disorder.

He is the only one, out of himself, Howard and Leonard, in whom Missy showed any interest, but the medication wears off when he tries to ask her out. When Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj are on a train to San Francisco, the latter three tried talking to actress Summer Glauwho they see is in their train car. After drinking what he thinks is a beer, Raj is able to charm Glau.

When a jealous Howard points out to Raj that his beer is non-alcoholic, Raj stops speaking in the middle of his conversation, and flees from Glau. Raj reveals that he once had a girlfriend, after Leonard claims that the two of them were the only ones without them. She has never appeared in the show, but he states that she was deaf, so his inability to speak with women was not an issue.

Despite both being heterosexualRaj and Howard tend to appear as if they are in a homosexual relationship. This is described by Leonard's mother, Dr. Beverly Hofstadteras an " ersatz homosexual marriage". Raj recounts a dream where he and Howard both had mansions with a secret tunnel that connected Howard's "front yard" to his "back yard". He uses a female avatar in World of Warcraft. In season four he claims to be a metrosexual[26] and in season 8 it is revealed that he and Howard were once in couples therapy.

In season 10's "The Emotion Detection Automaton", Howard tells Raj that if they are both unattached in the next thirty years, he would be open to the two of them having a relationship. In the season 4 finale, Penny and Raj become intoxicated and, despite agreeing to remain good friends, end up in bed together. The next morning, both agree to pretend it never happened, but they are caught by Leonard, Sheldon, and Howard as they try to leave, [27] causing Penny to think about moving back to Nebraska.

In the opening episode of season 5, Raj reveals to Penny that they did not have intercourse; instead he ejaculated prematurely and they fell asleep. Penny promised not to tell the guys, although subsequently she sometimes calls him "Quick Draw". In season 5, Raj buys a new iPhone and quickly develops feelings for the computerized personal assistant, Siri.

Raj gets along well with his parents' first selection, but discovers that the woman is a lesbian trying to conceal her sexual orientation from her family: Out of their concern for his loneliness, Howard and Bernadette give him a pet dog.

Happy with his new companion, a female Yorkshire Terrier he names Cinnamon, Raj proceeds to see if the pup fits in his man-purse. This leads Bernadette to dispute Raj's heterosexuality. This culminates in a dream sequence where he and Bernadette dance together in a Bollywood musical number. He reflects upon these fantasies by observing that he is "definitely not gay".

At Howard's bachelor party, Raj mentions that he and Howard had a threesome at Comic-Con with an overweight woman in a Sailor Moon costume. In the season six episode, "The Tangible Affection Proof", Raj and Stuart, put together a party at the store for lonely single people on Valentine's Day. After giving a speech about how one cannot define themself by being in a relationship, he is approached L2432 ersatz homosexual relationship a woman named Lucy Kate Micucci.

They both leave to get a cup of coffee, with Raj hypocritically declaring "Later, losers! Lucy gives Howard her L2432 ersatz homosexual relationship number to give to Raj. Later, Lucy goes to his apartment to apologize and tells him that she has problems around new people. Raj describes his own psychological problems, and they agree to have a formal date.

In the following episode, "The Contractual Obligation Implementation", he takes Lucy out for a first date to a library where they text message each other instead of speaking, in light of her social anxiety and his selective mutism.

They continue to date and by "The Love Spell Potential" they kiss. However, in the season 6 finale "The Bon Voyage Reaction", Lucy feels too pressured by Raj to meet his friends, and a dinner between Lucy, Raj, and Amy does not go well. Raj apologizes for his behavior and asks Lucy to come to Leonard's goodbye party before his departure for the North Sea on Professor Stephen Hawking's expedition.

A lavender marriage is a male-female marriage in which one or both of the partners is homosexual or bisexual. The more general term is mixed-orientation marriage. It is a specialized instance of a marriage of convenience , in which the marriage is formed for some reason other than the romantic attachment assumed to be the basis of modern marriages, for legal reasons involving inheritance or immigration, for example.

The partners in a lavender marriage were concealing the fact that the sexual orientation of at least one of them was not primarily heterosexual. The term lavender marriage dates from the early 20th century and is used almost exclusively to characterize certain marriages of public celebrities in the first half of the 20th century, primarily before World War II. At the time, public attitudes toward homosexuality made it impossible for a person to pursue a public career, notably in the Hollywood film industry, while acknowledging homosexuality.

With the inclusion of morality clauses in the contracts of Hollywood actors in the s, some closeted stars contracted marriages of convenience to protect their public reputations and preserve their careers. A noteworthy exception that demonstrated the precarious position of the public homosexual was that of William Haines , who brought his career to a sudden end at the age of He refused to end his relationship with his male partner, Jimmy Shields, and enter into a marriage at the direction of his studio employer, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The marriage of Rudolph Valentino with lesbian costume and set designer Natacha Rambova disguised her relationship with actress Alla Nazimova as well as his alleged bisexuality.

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Word of the Week: Ersatz

Has anyone ever got back with their ex??? Fanpop Poll Results: Do you think that Raj and Howard have an "Ersatz Homosexual Marriage?" - Read the results on this poll and other Big Bang Theory polls. An “ersatz” product is a substitute for a higher-quality version of that item, as an “ersatz homosexual relationship” on The Big Bang Theory)..

What do you think? They are not gay. I just don't think so. I don't think they are gay, but ersatz means substitute doesn't it? I do think they showed lots of bloody couple-y demeanour as a substitute quest of the intimacy they weren't getting away.

I don't think they were sexually attracted to eachother, but I didn't take that to be the implication of 'Ersatz Homosexual Marriage', I took the purport to be they had formed a pseudo pair as a substitute since real coupledom, and that Leonards nurse was pointing out the kind of beyond companionability level of intimacy they'd formed. I didn't ponder she as a matter of fact meant they were gay, otherwise she'd have perfectly called them a two, not a subsitute brace.

I don't think they are in one, but they do act allied a a handful of most of the times. I'm not sure round what she said when he came back, haven't rewatched her comeback ep since anything else seeing it but be stricken to terms with your feelings isn't necessarily lustful, they denied having composed the sexless substitute hook-up when she first said it, she could purpose it more along the lines of "have you admitted to yourselves I was well yet?

If she did make a sexual resource I postulate it could just be the writers wanting to do a callback to that story they inaugurate funny equalize if it didn't secure sense. Beverly was a bit slow in the episode she came struggling against odds IMO.


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