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Where in Wellington should you go to see them? For the purposes of scientific research, we headed to Dream Girls and Mermaids to find out. Welcome to Mermaid Club! Are you over 18? Mermaid Web Button YES 73 Courtenay Place, Wellington T +64 4 E well[email protected] Phone, Suggest a phone number · Address. Courtenay Place, Wellington; Wellington, New Hope they have some fresh stock feel like some fresh moist Minge tonight. Mermaids. Adult Entertainment Service · Wellington, New Zealand.

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So, you want to see some breasts. Nothing wrong with that. Where in Wellington should you go to see them? For the purposes of scientific research, we headed to Dream Girls and Mermaids to find out what you can expect. Mermaids is the big The mermaid wellington place on Courtenay Place with the red carpet outside, and the terrible music blaring out. Let me tell you this now: So are the back rooms where you go for the private lap dances. Dreamgirls down the road on Dixon Street is much less fancy with its fitout, but the stage is raised, The mermaid wellington makes me happier.

Yes, you heard me. Emily is a trustfund baby. She floats around the edges and chooses to remain mysterious. Its a valid and legal job, but would you encourage someone to take up this line of work. Actually, pretty sure Emily meant that as an entirely value-judgement-free observation.

Stupid me posted the wrong quote without looking. Some of them are professional strippers. Neither lifestyle is more or less valid than yours. I know what you mean: I feel the same about corporate law and tax accountants. The difference being that the majority of people in the sex industry are decent and honest and meet a fundamental human need. Actually any accountant not just tax. I just emphasise that they will The mermaid wellington up with bad eyesight from squinting at spreadsheets, overweight from being glued to a chair, and no interesting conversation.

I find it disturbing The mermaid wellington the only problem you have is that the stage was low. But condoning the specific exploitation of naked women for money and arguing for equality between The mermaid wellington seem to be mutually exclusive viewpoints.

First of all, where do you get the idea these women are being exploited? Have you asked them? Or are you assuming that all sexworkers The mermaid wellington too stupid to know that someone is putting one over on them?

And actually, that IS pretty compatible with feminism. Allowing women to safely do something that they like, and making sure they are reasonably compensated for The mermaid wellington Purely from a working conditions perspective, they are hourly workers paid in cash, no job security, no sick leave, no contract, no career structure, no bargaining power and no input into the management of the businesses they work for.

As employees, they are disposable. How is that not exploitation? So like many other hospitality The mermaid wellington then? All true, and those kinds of working conditions are the root cause of the income inequality and insecurity that is hollowing-out the middle classes.

And I think the feminist critique started with Kate Millet in aboutand is still getting hung up on the difference between sex workers as victims of male objectification and sex workers The mermaid wellington oppressed labourers.

If I was to try to combine the labour and the feminist critique, then I might say something like: So send in the tax accountants, send some dodgy geezers to prison, The mermaid wellington clean up the industry at that level, with benefits for everyone involved, including dancers. Treating the sex The mermaid wellington as the same as any other industry ignores the present state of the sex industry, the history of the industry, the people involved in running the industry, the organisation of the industry, and the status of people who work in that industry.

Someone may be choosing to work in an exploitative industry for a variety of reasons, including the income. Choice always happens in a context, both personal and social. Ignoring that context and treating people as entirely autonomous is an unrealistic and neoliberal approach to the world.

Though I The mermaid wellington this discussion was dated a few years ago and some of the responses may have covered this, I just feel the need to point out that you are slightly misinformed: The mermaid wellington is it fair that waiters in France have to pay the restaurant a fee for the area they serve and then make their earnings entirely on tips.

I would fully support changing the system in each to enable any of those contractors — exotic dancers, waiters, or hair dressers — The mermaid wellington have guaranteed pay for their work, especially when some of those professions require a fair amount of training or skill. In terms of exotic dancers, dance is difficult to do without skill — and pole dancing impossible.

Suggesting the exploitive design of the current system should cause one to be against the entire industry is faulty. A female should be considered capable of determining what is in her best personal and financial interest. Suggesting otherwise would suggest a female is not capable of acting in her own agency.

If Emily Fatali would be so kind as to The mermaid wellington in the conversation here, I would ask her: Surely their mana would rise above the stage design.

Because personally I think the feminist perspective around stripping is not a straight line. Add to that — Who is actually profiting from a stripper? The person who makes the most money out of it all is the owner of the club, then the manager, then the stripper. So until women are owning clubs, running clubs and performing clubs i think the issue is really fuzzy.

Paul Reynolds is certainly doing well out of the labour of Telecom contact centre operatives but that hardly means we should save them from phone-answering exploitation for their own good.

And she was absolutely right about feminism around stripping or feminism in general not being a straight line. Are you talking The mermaid wellington the Telecom call-centres in the Philipines? No more so than any other low-level position in a big company, necessarily. It can be exploitative, dangerous and violent. My objection to the comments above was the dismissive tone of the actual women involved.

It behooves us to consider them before making blanket statements about the sex industry. Lots of laughing, teasing, giggling, daring etc. But the strip clubs noted here — Mermaids and Dreamgirls — catering for a male audience with female strippers, are a horrible, sad, tawdry experience.

Instead however, the prospect of a bunch of men sullenly ogling The mermaid wellington sumptuous bounty of female form on view, whilst sipping a beer, talking about rugby, and pretending not to notice that there is a naked being cavorting a foot away from their face — well it all seems more than a little sad and pathetic to me.

The men concerned seem to be exploiting their own stupidity and sexuality, let alone being exploited by the club owners with their ridiculous prices. Dreamgirls tends to feel the more relaxed, but in both it often depends upon your own attitude. Most of the dancers seem to respond well if you treat it as a fun, flirty night out, rather than a desperate excuse to gawp.

Although, others are — or perhaps they get weeded out by the door staff or the price tag. Or perhaps they should just have a couple of large crayfish, in a pot. I am a Dreamgirl, not gonna disclose my dancing name here. And yes, i would have been there on the night you visited the club.

There is no shift fee, unlike The Mermaid and there is no hourly wage at either club. As a Dreamgirl, you hold all the power when it comes to men. VIP dances are the only instance where a man is alowed to touch, and nowhere near your privates. We have a rule where your g-string must be off before the end of your last song, but depending on personal preference, you The mermaid wellington choose how long you would like to The mermaid wellington naked, 5 seconds even.

Anyway, enough inside information. Decided to share because people have so many misconstrued ideas of strippers and working girls. All I want to know is…when will someone open a male strip club? Aware this is a really old thread but I only just found it. I am a dancer from Showgirls in Auckland…I The mermaid wellington wish that every guy that came into the club could read this article as well as every other person who holds misconceptions about dancers.

The point Emily made about touching especially: Why should I, in my job not a career btw — I study Veterinary Science in Palmerston North atm be subjected to sexual abuse on a nightly basis?

There The mermaid wellington even signs saying so. Not to mention the amazing girls at the club who have developed into lifelong friends of mine. Finally, we are hardly exploited by the club at Showgirls, anyway. The club also owns an apartment which they allow the dancers to live in for free and provides free dance lessons for the girls should they want them I realise the dance lessons are in the clubs best interests, but at some clubs you have to pay for compulsory lessons.

Maybe one day, people will stop holding dancers in such a stereotypical view and that would be nice. Maybe one day pigs will fly, too.

If I work at a restaurant do you think that I should be sexually assaulted because a man feels teased by me, or unsatisfied by my service? Your reference to Thailand is not taking into The mermaid wellington the different economic strength or the higher proportion of sex trafficking that goes on there than in NZ. What you are suggesting is that these girls somehow deserve sexual assault. If you want to touch, hire a prostitute — a profession where touching IS a part of the deal.

I think you need to reconsider your views about this issue before you end up in court. Have you worked in Dreamgirls? I know your comment was from a month ago so might not be pertinent any more, but just FYI I have known a couple of people who have joined Dreamgirls and have been VERY happy with both the work environment and management.

Anecdotally it The mermaid wellington as if you generally get treated better The mermaid wellington Dreamgirls at least by your employer than Mermaids. I worked at Mermaids as a waitress for six months and hated it. I did one stage spot there and three lap dances we could do lap dances at our discretion, I never told anyone I did them but if a guy asked and was willing to pay for it, I was okay with it.

I made a lot of money as a waitress but the attitudes from management and some of the dancers made it awful. The last night that I worked, I left in tears.

Guys how important is it for girls to have a good job? 75 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos taken at 'The Mermaid Bar Wellington'. Phone, Suggest a phone number · Address. Courtenay Place, Wellington; Wellington, New Hope they have some fresh stock feel like some fresh moist Minge tonight. Mermaids. Adult Entertainment Service · Wellington, New Zealand..


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Phone, Suggest a phone number · Address. Courtenay Place, Wellington; Wellington, New Hope they have some fresh stock feel like some fresh moist Minge tonight. Mermaids. Adult Entertainment Service · Wellington, New Zealand. The Mermaid Wellington Strip Club in Wellington - Check complete information including How to reach The Mermaid Wellington Strip Club, opening times of The . Where in Wellington should you go to see them? For the purposes of scientific research, we headed to Dream Girls and Mermaids to find out.

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