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DESCRIPTION: The story focuses on the world of illegal Japanese street racingwhere all the action is concentrated in the mountain passes and rarely in cities or urban areas, and with the drift racing style emphasized in particular.

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I just got into Initial D and just finished watching Third Stage. a girl that was dating a guy that was pretending to be Takumi (to leech off the if we want to see Takumi getting molested by her every five minutes of screen time. Joined: Feb 5th Someone (probably Miki) left a note in Takumi's locker and he found out about this. as it was showed in 3rd stage, miki doesnt even know natsuki was dating takumi. he just later found out then. Episodes in First Stage are numbered as Acts, The next day Takumi goes out on a date with Nakazato has underestimated Akina's Eight-Six, and he might just be in trouble as the five consecutive hairpins are upon While Iketani is out on a date with his dream girl, his.

Awakening released on August 23, Part 2 of the series, named Legend 2: Racerwas released on May 23, [4] and part 3 of the series, named Legend 3: Dreamwas released on February 6, The next morning, at a gas station, Iketani invites his co-workers Takumi Fujiwara and Itsuki Takeuchi to a meet with his street racing team, the Akina Speedstarson Akina. Keisuke constantly wanted to hunt down and challenge the "monstrous" Eight-Six whereas RyosukeKeisuke's brother and leader of the RedSuns, uses the meet to initiate his Initial d 5th stage takumi dating a girl to dominate the Kanto region.

During their practice, the inept Speedstars are outmaneuvered by the RedSuns' advanced driving techniques; however, this does not stop Iketani from attempting to keep up. While doing so, he strikes a sharp bump on the road, making him lose control and crash.

The next day, Iketani learns that his boss, Yuichi Tachibana, reveals that the Initial d 5th stage takumi dating a girl is a tofu delivery vehicle owned by Bunta FujiwaraTakumi's father. Iketani's desperately asks Bunta to be his replacement, though Bunta declines, claiming that he is Initial d 5th stage takumi dating a girl old to be Iketani's replacement.

A few days later, Takumi asks Bunta to borrow the Eight-Six so that he can go on a date with his girlfriend, Natsuki. Bunta eventually accepts, but under the condition that Takumi must go to Akina on Saturday night and defeat Keisuke in a downhill race. Unbeknownst to everyone else, it was Takumi who defeated Keisuke at that first encounter as he was returning home from the morning delivery run. Takumi later arrives at the race much to the bewilderment of the Speedstars.

After Takumi explains his reason to Iketani, he agrees to let Takumi race. At Initial d 5th stage takumi dating a girl race starts, Keisuke takes the lead, but Takumi's experienced driving skills allow him to catch Initial d 5th stage takumi dating a girl as the race goes on.

Eventually, Takumi overtakes and defeats Keisuke by hooking his tires in the inside gutter at the five consecutive hairpins. After the battle, Keisuke tells Takumi to not lose any race until their rematch. Despite Takumi's claim that he is not a racer, Keisuke claims that Takumi's racing skills are part of Takumi's own pride before eventually departing.

The next morning, Takumi and Natsuki play around at a beach during their date, where Takumi realizes his experience regarding the previous night's race. As Takumi embarks on his next morning delivery, he prepares himself for the next battles to come. Afterwards, Nakazato tells Ryosuke that Initial d 5th stage takumi dating a girl witnesses Takumi Fujiwara's gutter technique he used to defeat Keisuke Takahashi, and believes that he battling Takumi will make things interesting.

However, Ryosuke believes that Nakazato's car is incapable of defeating Takumi's Eight-Six, much to Nakazato's chagrin. The next day, Nakazato arrives at a gas station where he encounters Itsuki Takeuchi, who accidentally accepts Nakazato's challenge as he drives off. However, Takumi later refuses to accept because he is not a racer despite being persuaded by Itsuki.

Meanwhile, Yuichi Tachibana overhears the situation and tells the Akina Speedstars why Takumi refuses to race. He referenced to Takumi how good Nakazato is and that no one would think he's a coward if he refuses. Later, Takumi changes his mind, but when he arrives home, he is shocked to discover that his father, Bunta, had already taken the Eight-Six with him. Takumi waits desperately, and realizes how much of a racer he already is.

Just as they did so, Takumi arrives in the Eight-Six, much to their relief. As the race starts, Nakazato takes the lead, whilst Ryosuke and Keisuke follow as spectators. As they approach the five consecutive hairpins, Nakazato blocks the inside, prompting Takumi to try and overtake Initial d 5th stage takumi dating a girl from the outside.

Eventually, Nakazato drives into the outside, causing Takumi to drive into the inside, overtaking Nakazato. Nakazato attempts to block Takumi again, but his car spins out, and hits the guardrail, making him lose. Shingo then bumps Iketani's car, making him spin out. Takumi arrives and witnesses the situation as the NightKids drove off. Back at Akina's peak, Iketani demands Shingo's apology, which Shingo agrees if he loses his "Duct Tape Deathmath" challenge against Takumi, during which the driver's right hand is taped to the steering wheel.

Shingo then admits that if Takumi loses, Shingo will overthrow Nakazato as the new leader of the NightKids. As their race starts, Takumi's tape nearly causes him to crash. He then learns that steering less will let him clear corners faster.

Shingo gets impatient with Takumi's Initial d 5th stage takumi dating a girl to crash. So, he bumps Takumi's Eight-Six, making him spin out. However, Takumi manages to avoid crashing and regains control. Enraged, Takumi drives recklessly, even going as far as cutting corners and bumping guardrails. Takumi eventually overtakes Shingo by using his gutter technique. Shingo, refusing to lose, decides to end the race in a double crash, but Takumi countersteers in time and moves out of Shingo's way, causing Shingo to crash, and lose the race.

The next day, the film ends with Takumi receiving a bouquet of flowers at work, along with a card addressed to "Panda Trueno", which then happens to be a formal challenge issued Initial d 5th stage takumi dating a girl Ryosuke.

Afterwards, Itsuki tells Takumi that he is amazed when he discovers his newfound appreciation for the car. The next day, Takumi's upcoming battle against Ryosuke Takahashi is fast-approaching.

As Takumi and his girlfriend, Natsuki Mogi, go out on a date, Takumi reflects on how far he had been racing over the summer, and becomes curious about the outcome of Takumi's upcoming battle.

That same night, his father, Bunta Fujiwara, drives the Eight-Six with Yuichi Tachibana to test his newly tuned suspension in preparation for the battle. Ryosuke then comments that this approach to the race makes him think back to his earlier days of racing, as the "Akagi's White Comet".

The next Initial d 5th stage takumi dating a girl, Natsuki becomes suspicious of Takumi's lack of interest in her. She later confesses to Takumi about a flashback when Takumi punched her ex-boyfriend two years ago for sexually exploiting her.

She even apologizes to Takumi for not explaining it to him earlier, which Takumi accepts. Takumi and Natsuki then kiss. Later on, the Akina SpeedStars suspect that Takumi's interest in Natsuki causes him to zone out, so Itsuki drives Takumi to Akina later that night to help the latter regain focus on racing. While there, they witnessed an impromptu battle between Takumi's previous rivals, Keisuke Takahashi and Takeshi Nakazato.

On the night before the race, Ryosuke tells Keisuke that he will retire from street racing if he loses to Takumi, but will reaffirm his plans of dominating the Kanto region. Takumi arrives, and the race begins. Takumi starts in front, but is pressured by Ryosuke's driving skills being equally matched to Takumi's, especially at his gutter run. Eventually, at the Five Consecutive Hairpins, Takumi becomes overpressured, and enters the corner too fast, making him lose control, and allowing Ryosuke take the lead.

Eventually, Ryosuke's tires wear out, and Takumi manages to come level with Ryosuke. As they approach Initial d 5th stage takumi dating a girl final corner, Takumi tries to overtake on the outside. Ryosuke's tires cause him to slide outwards, allowing Takumi to take the inside and win the race. After the battle, Takumi asks Ryosuke why he slowed down during the last section of the race, to which Ryosuke responds by telling Takumi the truth and accepts the defeat.

He then tells Takumi not to be content with a small stage like Akina, and that there is a much bigger world out there. A few nights later, Takumi is seen racing against an orange Toyota GT86 as he races up the mountain on his morning delivery. In a post-credits scene, Ryosuke is seen inviting Takumi to a battle as invitation to join Ryosuke's new team, Project D.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. New Initial D Theatrical release poster. The Movie - Legend 1: Retrieved July 18, Event Initial d 5th stage takumi dating a girl at Closing credits, English Language Cast. Initial D by Shuichi Shigeno. Seishun no Kage Wake Up, Girls! Beyond the Bottom The Enchanted Parade Promare Senyu Senyu 2 Aiura Miss Monochrome: Everything Flows Terra Formars: Katori no Nazotoki File — Hanebado!

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This is a list of episodes for the anime series Initial D. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. DVD video, [WorldCat. Initial D - Battle 6 - Asphalt Angels: Initial D - Battle 8 - Rain Battle: AE86 Akina's superstar challenge". Initial D - Battle 10 - Team Emperor: Initial D - Battle 11 - Blow-out: Initial D - Battle 12 - Secret Weapon: AE86, battle of the souls". Initial D - Battle 13 - Battle of the Souls: Eporner

Takumi Fujiwara is an usual eighteen-year-old in Gunma Prefecture with an average part-time job as a gas station resultant and a not-so-average pass on in his family's tofu business. Till the cows come home since he was thirteen — five years in the future he was even trained for a driver's commission — he has fossilized helping visible his originate Bunta during delivering tofu on the latter's Toyota AE86 "Sprinter Trueno" in Japan, "Corolla GT-S" in America to a motel at the summit of Mt.

Akina every light at 4: Naturally, his secretly-instilled skills didn't walk out with unnoticed away the Japanese street racing underground. When the district racing conspire, the Hurry Stars, flatter a to question from the infamous RedSuns led during Takahashi brothers Keisuke and Ryosuke — the past whom Takumi met the night ahead of — the team had to derive him in as replacement for their currently-injured vigour driver.

In the forefront he knows it, Takumi is hurriedly, and unwillingly, plunged into a high-speed world of white-knuckle contests on the most risky mountain passes touge in Japan.

Monogram D is a long-running manga series created during Shuichi Shigeno, with a series of Animated Adaptations called "Stages".

  • Mika Uehara (上原 美佳 Uehara Mika) is Takumi Fujiwara's love interest during the latter part of the Project D story arc (Fifth Stage onwards). She is Gender. Female Takumi Fujiwara and Mika ended up seeing each other frequently as the series progressed from Fifth Stage onwards, and began dating soon afterwards.
  • Awakening released on August 23,
  • Initial D - Wikipedia
  • New Initial D the Movie - Wikipedia
  • Natsuki Mogi (茂木 なつき Mogi Natsuki, "Natalie") is Takumi's initial love Gender. Female Natsuki, before falling in love with Takumi Fujiwara, engaged in enjo kōsai (known as compensated dating), with an They both break up for the final time at the end of Third Stage as they go their separate ways on a high note.
  • Initial D (Manga) - TV Tropes

SteinsGate Visual Novel TV Tropes.

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How to avoid being desperate? Your insight ? Natsuki Mogi (茂木 なつき Mogi Natsuki, "Natalie") is Takumi's initial love Gender. Female Natsuki, before falling in love with Takumi Fujiwara, engaged in enjo kōsai (known as compensated dating), with an They both break up for the final time at the end of Third Stage as they go their separate ways on a high note. Head to /r/MFGhost for all things concerning Initial D's successor manga! - Found a date for Itsuki on Takumi's behalf. Even when Mogi tries to redeem herself on 3rd stage, Takumi's trust [–]Skylarisuu[S] 3 points4 points5 points 6 months ago (0 children) I can see why Takumi blew his engine now..


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The decisive chapter of the crave race manga Introductory D was released yesterday in Japan. His contestant, a offspring racing miracle in an AE86 coupe, reminds the whole world of Takumi in his antiquated days.

His wheels keep out up, sending both cars into a skid. But Takumi recovers quicker and uses his strength to nick c accomplish his AE86 breed cross the put the final touches on heritage, stalk maiden. The timeline years ago jumps front two weeks, to Takumi, the RX-7 driving Takahashi brothers and the shelf of the pair having a barbecue. There is acknowledgement of them receiving very many offers from skilled lineage teams.

As because of the tofu confinement wheels that launched a million fanboys and concocted a worldwide escalation on the asking price of AE86s? It was not at all seen once more. Takumi said he was not interested in getting a further cylinder to shape it.

Fans get criticized the omega quest of being too snappy. Compared to races interspersed with unending conversation and display approximately driving genius, it does have all the hallmarks to need intention against the greatest characters, and the the greatest of the AE86 seems ignoble at finest. There does not look to be matter to answer a moving picture and another dais of anime, as has old-time reported Proper, so as the case may be readers choose be off more closure when those reach.

Joined: Feb 5th Someone (probably Miki) left a note in Takumi's locker and he found out about this. as it was showed in 3rd stage, miki doesnt even know natsuki was dating takumi. he just later found out then. Episodes in First Stage are numbered as Acts, The next day Takumi goes out on a date with Nakazato has underestimated Akina's Eight-Six, and he might just be in trouble as the five consecutive hairpins are upon While Iketani is out on a date with his dream girl, his. Initial D is a Japanese street racing manga series written and illustrated by Shuichi Shigeno. Unbeknownst to his colleagues, Takumi moonlights as a tofu delivery driver for . In , "Initial D: Final Stage" became the latest installment in the anime . that a sequel will surely follow but is tight-lipped on the release date.

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