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DESCRIPTION: Ninja Council 2 known as Naruto: It is based on the popular manga and anime series Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto and is developed by Aspect and Tomy and published by D3 Publisher and Tomy. Ninja Council 2 is side-scroller game in which the player has to advance through a 2D level while fighting Naruto dating sim naruto other characters ninja.

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Other Games. Take on the role of Sakura and try to win the favor of young Genins . Train, carry out the mission, talk to your friends and take care of your. Description: To impress Naruto, earn points to Chakra. Lee impress by winning the points of strength. All is played with the mouse. Click on one of the signs from . Naruto: Ninja Council 2 is an action video game, released for Game Boy Advance and is the The playable characters are Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno, and it is also possible to unlock Rock Lee. The player is able to.

Due to his friendly nature, tenacity, empathy, unique charisma, and his ability to change Naruto dating sim naruto other characters, Naruto Uzumaki has built many relationships over the course of the series that have defined him and others. A relationship that shaped Naruto's character, albeit unintentionally, was with the tailed beast that was sealed within him since the day he was born, Kurama — the Nine-Tails. Despite learning the truth of his nature during his fight with Mizukiit was thanks to Iruka's kindness that convinced Naruto to continue trying to gain the villagers' acknowledgement.

Kurama had an intense hatred toward humans, for they had treated the fox and its tailed beast brethren nothing more than monsters worthy of fear and disdain, as well as powerful weapons to exploit, for centuries. Ever since its sealing within Naruto, Kurama, believing that he wouldn't be any different, plotted to use the young shinobi 's dependence on its power to break free from the seal.

Their relationship soon became Naruto dating sim naruto other characters more antagonistic when Naruto discovered that he could potentially kill his comrades while under the fox's influence, which made him resolve to rely on his own power and find other ways to get stronger.

With his mother and B's help, Naruto managed to best Kurama in combat and take most of its chakra. During the start of the Fourth Shinobi World WarKurama tried instil doubt into Naruto by telling him that shouldering the hatred of an entire Naruto dating sim naruto other characters was futile and reminding him of his failure to save Sasuke from revenge, but Naruto refuted with brimming confidence that regardless of the odds, he would still find a way to do something about them, before the young shinobi promised to someday resolve the fox's own hatred as well.

Kurama then intentionally aided Naruto when the reincarnated Madara was fighting against one of Naruto's shadow clones and the Fourth Divisionsaying it would rather choose Naruto than be manipulated by the Uchiha again. Their relationship has greatly improved by this action, as shown when Kurama teased Naruto about his first kiss with Sasuke.

Two years later, having been restored to its complete self with its other half, Kurama is shown willing to fight alongside Naruto both from within his subconscious and alongside the shinobi as two separate entities. Despite not knowing that the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze was his father, Naruto had expressed the utmost respect for him.

Though angry at Minato's chakra imprint at first once learning of their relation and that it was his own father who sealed Kurama inside of him, Naruto quickly got over his anger and expressed pride in being the Fourth Hokage's son, which is aided by Naruto dating sim naruto other characters expressing remorse for the act.

On his way to the Fourth Shinobi World War, Naruto defended his parents with vigour when the Fourth Raikage insulted Minato on how he failed as the " Children of the Prophecy " upon his death. Naruto would later fight alongside his reincarnated father against the Ten-Tails during the war where Minato not only became proud of how far his son had come as a shinobi, but was also reminded so much of how he was fighting alongside Kushina, moving him to tears of joy.

Before departing, Minato had one final conversation with Naruto, congratulating him for finally ending the war and wished him a happy birthday, with Naruto promising to do his best to follow the teachings Kushina and Minato left him. During his training to control Kurama's power, Naruto tearfully embraced his mother Kushina Uzumaki when her chakra imprint came to his aid.

Naruto found his mother is similar to him in terms of personality, and also complimented on her red hair as "beautiful", saying that it would have been good if he had straight, red hair. After learning how his Naruto dating sim naruto other characters met each other, and how they died in what actually occurred during Kurama's attack on Konoha, Naruto told his mother that he could finally understand what a parent's love felt like and that he didn't blame them, instead feeling glad to be their son.

After his father's passing in Fourth Shinobi World War, Naruto explained to Hagoromo how his mother Kushina was a truly good person compared to the heartless Kaguya. Two years after the war, Naruto found a teal and light blue striped scarf knitted by his mother and began treasuring and wearing it to honour her memory.

However, this unknowingly interfered with Hinata's attempts to give Naruto a red scarf she knitted to confess her feelings for him. He would later stop wearing his mother's scarf in Hinata's presence after realising his own feelings for Hinata.

Unarguably one of the closest relationships Naruto ever had, Jiraiya indirectly played a role in his life even before he was born, as he was mentor to both Minato and to Nagato due to being foretold that a student under him would be destined for greatness. He was also the one who gave Naruto his name, with the boy named after the protagonist in his " The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi " novel, thus making him Naruto's godfather.

Because of Orochimaru 's defection, and learning of the Akatsuki 's existence, Jiraiya was forced to leave the village to spy on the organisation and was unable to take care of his godson during the first twelve years of his life.

While ultimately more perverted than Naruto, Jiraiya had many similarities to his godson from a desire to bring world peace to an unrequited affection for their respective female teammates. Since their meeting, Jiraiya and Naruto became close with the latter holding him in high regard and after learning of Jiraiya's death at the hands of Pain, Naruto fell into a deep depression and mourned him. Jiraiya's death was the first time Naruto ever felt the pain of losing a loved one.

After being moved to tears from reading "The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi", Naruto confronts Jiraiya's killer and the true identity of Pain, his fellow pupil Nagato. Meeting Nagato face to face, Naruto vowed to seek vengeance against him and he would kill him to avenge Jiraiya. However, realising this was similar to the path Sasuke took, Naruto later declared that what he inherited Naruto dating sim naruto other characters Jiraiya will help him bring peace in this world, and that if Jiraiya was willing to place his faith in him, then Naruto was willing to believe in himself and stated that he would find peace for the world.

Naruto also made a memorial grave in honour of Jiraiya and vowed to find a path to peace for the world, telling Jiraiya to watch him from the Naruto dating sim naruto other characters world. Upon bidding farewell to his father's spirit at the war's conclusion, Naruto would tell Minato that while Jiraiya was just as eccentric as Kushina had warned him as a baby, of all the shinobi he ever met, Jiraiya was the one he respected the most.

When he awoke, Hinata thanked Naruto for helping her and returned his scarf to him, but he let her keep it. She was also amazed that despite having nothing and no one to rely on, Naruto never gave up in believing he could become something great Naruto dating sim naruto other characters Hokage. Her admiration for Naruto eventually grew into love. Because of his socially ostracised childhood, Naruto was unaware that Hinata had feelings for him and even considered her "weird" because of her shyness around him.

Naruto gratefully thanked Hinata for bringing him out of his depression, and he said to her that even though he had thought of her as "weird", he really liked a person like her. As he left, she vowed to become stronger, and to work as hard as he did. During Pain 's assault on Konoha, Hinata immediately came into the fray after she saw Naruto being pinned down by the Akatsuki leader. Worried about her safety, Naruto demanded Hinata to stay away from the fight, but despite knowing that she stood no chance against Pain, Hinata refused to leave and confessed her love and willingness to Naruto dating sim naruto other characters Naruto, even at the cost of her own life.

Left speechless upon hearing her confession, Naruto instantly erupted into a rage after he saw Pain stabbing Hinata, allowing Kurama to take control and continue the battle. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, after one of Naruto's shadow clones helped Hinata and the Second Division defeat a group of White Zetsu clonesshe began to lament the fact that though she wanted to protect Naruto, he ended up saving her instead.

However, Naruto, due to the Nine-Tails' chakra abilities, saw Hinata feeling down on herself and reassured her that she was strong, recounting her coming to his aid against Pain, to which she silently thanked him for. With her and Kurama's aid, Naruto's self-confidence was restored and he took Hinata's hand, thanking her for staying by his side before transferring Kurama's chakra into her and the rest of the Shinobi Alliance.

Two years after the war, as the Rinne Festival was approaching, Hinata decided to confess her feelings for Naruto by knitting a scarf for him, a replacement for the one he gave her when they were children. Although she completed the scarf, Hinata encountered Naruto dating sim naruto other characters such as her own shyness and the new-found competition with the many other female admirers for Naruto's affections. When Hinata finally made an attempt to give it to him, she saw Naruto wearing a scarf his late mother had knitted for him, which made her sadly back down as she thought it was given by another girl.

Later, while the team got Naruto dating sim naruto other characters in the Gatekeeper Naruto dating sim naruto other characters genjutsu that dredges up old memories, the red scarf — which Hinata was Naruto dating sim naruto other characters the process of repairing — got loose from her bag and wrapped around Naruto, sharing her memories and corresponding feelings with him.

Left utterly bewildered after witnessing how long Hinata had loved him and realising that she was the first person to acknowledge and support him, even before Iruka, [31] Naruto became fiercely protective Naruto dating sim naruto other characters Hinata, even bashful in her presence.

When the team arrived in what they later discovered was the Moon 's interior and explored the landscape, Naruto later saw Hinata knitting the red scarf and realised it was for him, to which he stopped wearing his mother's scarf. As he spent time interacting with Hinata, Naruto began to experience a special kind of happiness he had never felt before and realise that her being was irreplaceable and essential to him.

Eventually, Naruto dating sim naruto other characters their moment alone, Naruto confessed that he was in love with her, which left Hinata speechless. However, driven to save her captured sister and destroy the TenseiganHinata, after giving the red scarf to Naruto, left with Toneri and pretended to accept his offer, much to Naruto's shock and confusion when she said goodbye to him.

As Naruto was chasing after them, he was greatly saddened because Hinata did not deny Toneri's statement that they would be married. After Toneri attacked Naruto by draining almost all of his chakra, he was left near death, and the scarf was destroyed.

After recovering three days later, the broken-hearted Naruto fell into a state of great depression and came very close to giving up on everything, but it wasn't until Sakura helped him realise how deep and unwavering Hinata's feelings for him truly were that his mental strength returned and he set out to rescue her. Once he reunited with Hinata, she apologised to Naruto for her earlier act, but he replied that he understood why she had to Naruto dating sim naruto other characters it and he himself should be the one to apologise.

As Naruto and Hinata regrouped with the rest of the team including Hanabi after the two destroyed the Tenseigan, Naruto then happily took a small remnant of Hinata's replacement scarf that was callously ripped by Toneri, saying that even in its ruined state, he would cherish it forever, which left her on the brink of tears of joy by his kind gesture.

After Naruto defeated Toneri and saved the shinobi world, Naruto then reiterated his love for Hinata and stated that he wanted to be with her for the rest of his life, much to her happiness, and the two had their first kiss upon returning to Earth.

After several months of dating, Naruto and Hinata got married and eventually had two children together. Naruto's first child is a rambunctious boy named Borutoand his second child is a lovely girl named Himawari.

Naruto is shown to be a loving and doting parent towards his children, often playing with them whenever he has free time.

Although Boruto loved his father and was overjoyed when they Naruto dating sim naruto other characters time together, their relationship had been strained ever since Naruto became the Seventh Hokage.

Because of the job's many responsibilities that prevented Naruto from being around all the time, it led Boruto feeling neglected and becoming resentful towards the Hokage title, declaring it as only fit for those with no loved ones. Boruto's methods of dealing with that were numerous; he pulled pranks to get his father's attention, strived to surpass him to devalue his legacy, and feigned disinterest whenever Naruto tried to connect with him. Eventually, after Boruto was exposed to the complications of his father's life, the brutal nature of the ninja world, and witnessed how hard work can make a respectable shinobi, he finally understood and forgave his father's busy schedule, respected the Hokage title, and stopped trying to take the easy options in life.

Similarly, Naruto realised he had prioritised his duties as Hokage over the well-being of his family, preferring to do as much work as possible by himself rather than having his advisers relieve some of the burden. He also accepted that his negligence was indeed at least partly to blame for the way Boruto had turned out. Afterwards, Naruto's and Boruto's relationship with each other improved significantly to the point where Naruto was home more and Boruto wished for his father to do his best at work.

In contrast to her older brother, Himawari was shown to be very mature for her young age, as she was quite patient, supportive, and understanding with her often-absent father and his Hokage duties. The villagers of Konoha as a whole had a drastic change in the manner that they view Naruto: As it was because of his parents' death by Kurama's attack that he suffered a miserable childhood, Iruka Umino initially found it awkward to become a teacher to Naruto, before eventually deciding to be strict with the boy so he could work harder and reach his potential.

In Naruto dating sim naruto other characters, learning from Hiruzen that the boy acted out with his antics to be acknowledged, just as he had in his youth, Iruka understood Naruto's loneliness and went out of his way to connect with the boy outside the classroom — treating Naruto like a younger brother.

Ultimately, Naruto began looking to Iruka as a father-figure, as he noted to Sasuke at the Valley of the End. Even after Naruto graduated, Iruka still treated his former student at the Ramen Ichiraku whenever he returned from a mission. Though times like that allowed him an opportunity to see how Naruto was developing as a shinobi, Iruka still tended to Naruto dating sim naruto other characters about him.

But once Naruto learned of the war, Iruka attempted to talk him out participating in the fight until Naruto reminded him of the confidence he had in him years ago. Staging an apparent capture of him while secretly giving his former student a message to come back alive.

Naruto, upon reading the message, swallowed it to keep his sensei's words close to him. Iruka was assured by Killer B that he and his teachings were with Naruto in his heart. Two years after the war, when Naruto was getting married to Naruto dating sim naruto other characters, he had asked Iruka to be his 'father' Naruto dating sim naruto other characters the ceremony, bringing Iruka to tears.

Iruka also notes that Naruto's son Boruto tends to ironically act like his father in pulling pranks for attention from Naruto. Naruto was looked after by Hiruzen Sarutobi after his parents' deaths. The Hokage kept his parents' identity a secret and gave him his mother's last name. He asked the village to never reveal anything about Kurama to Naruto or the Naruto dating sim naruto other characters. Naruto was inspired by the Hokage, originally due to the respect they received, including Hiruzen, and hoped to become Hokage himself someday.

He would often get under Hiruzen's skin by the disturbances he would make by his pranks or the use Sexy Technique, the latter of which often caused Hiruzen to suffer from nosebleeds due to being a closet pervert.

Despite their unique relationship, Naruto deeply cared for Hiruzen and was very saddened by his sudden death, to which he paid his respects to the Hokage at the ceremony for the sacrifices he made for the village.

Likewise, he was very verbal about his anger towards people insulting Hiruzen's memory. Thanks to Hiruzen's teachings and value, Naruto would continue to help and protect the village after his death. During the Fourth Great Shinobi War, when the reincarnated Hiruzen saved Naruto from nearly dying to the Ten-Tails in its tree form, a half-conscious Naruto sincerely thanked Hiruzen, happy to see him again. After assuming office as the Seventh Hokage, Naruto would adopt Hiruzen's mindset that regardless of blood relation or not, the people of the village were his family; a mindset he would constantly relay to the next generation.

Even though he and Naruto had a rough start when they first met, Konohamaru Sarutobi is the second person to acknowledge Naruto as he is. This was due to Naruto not seeing Konohamaru as simply Hiruzen's grandson like everyone else in Konoha originally did. Though he pretended to be Naruto's rival for the position of Naruto dating sim naruto other characters Hokage, Konohamaru clearly has a deep and understanding Naruto dating sim naruto other characters with him.

Having trained under Naruto to learn the Sexy TechniqueKonohamaru devised his own variations of the unorthodox transformation technique. At some point, Naruto would go on further to teach him the Rasenganfurther establishing both a brotherly and mentor-pupil relationship.

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When a 'good catch' can't get a relationship? Learn all you can from your companions by training or completing missions. During the game you will have to date other characters, and see if Naruto finally falls. Other Games. Take on the role of Sakura and try to win the favor of young Genins . Train, carry out the mission, talk to your friends and take care of your..

Simulate Sakura's life for 50 days, feed her, walk out with to the gym and keep her alive. Matriculate all you can from your companions by training or completing missions. All along the game you have to date other characters, and see if Naruto finally falls in love with her. Uchiha Sasuke wants to smack Uzumaki Naruto, but Naruto's patience has a limit.

If Sasuke wants to try Naruto's Gaara vs Deidara is a fighting game with the two characters from the Naruto Manga and Anime series as main This dispute flash game allows us to take part in fights such as Naruto vs Luffy from Rhyme Piece, although we including RPG games Extend camouflage Play. Sasunaru Kissing Meeting Girl Games. Gaara vs Deidara Gaara vs Deidara is a fighting plan with the two characters from the Naruto Manga and Anime series as main Browsing our pages and accessing and using our services require the installation on the user's computer of our own cookies, as well as those of third parties.

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That page contains a inventory of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Naruto: Conclusive Ninja 3 for PlayStation 2. If you've discovered a cheat you'd approximative to add to the page, or have a correction, please click Order and add it.

With the exception of the first figurine, which is unlocked using a watchword and an item fix in the game, unmixed the S Mission listed in its entirety to unlock any given figurine.

To unlock the initially and second hokages, key all ten questions asked by Ebisu. The third hokage can be unlocked by defeating the Heroes History mode. To unlock the fourth hokage, unlock each character in the game.

Learn all you can from your companions by training or completing missions. During the game you will have to date other characters, and see if Naruto finally falls. Play naruto date simulator from a very adventurous and fun naruto dating simulator game. sasuke and lee.2 remember the character foreign dating site free naruto likes Make her conscious that nothing of all this had actually happened. Naruto dating sim in this online naruto game you gather your intelligence, against naruto, sasuke and lee.2 remember the character naruto likes chakra, You will be all right with her so long as you do not try to be anything that you are not.

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