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DESCRIPTION: Michael is the "lab rat" of this series and will play a game that is particularly challenging or frustrating until the point where he is screaming obscenities and even breaking things.

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Mar 23, Rooster Teeth Rage Quits – Listen to Rooster Teeth Podcast # by Rooster Teeth Podcast instantly on your tablet, phone or browser - no. Join Michael as he seeks out the most aggravating games out there. See more ideas about Rooster teeth, Rooster and Roosters. Gavin Free and Michael "Rage Quit" Jones - I Knew You Were Trouble fan made . House, Rock, Pop, and Bmore running music, giving you the signal to go full speed ahead. .. In RTAA Gus regales the crew with a tale from when he was dating Esther and she.

Rage Quit - Jurassic Park - Free Hookup Tonight!

Michael is the "lab rat" of this series and will play a game that is particularly challenging or frustrating until the point where he is screaming obscenities and even breaking things. Thrown controllers, a pair of headphones, etc. New episodes of Rage Quit were normally released every Thursday on Achievement Huntersince the pilot on January 20, Since the week of May 8,however, new episodes have since aired normally every other Thursday, alternating with Speed dating rooster teeth rage Pals.

The show went on an unknown schedule after airing its th episode on July 23, However, the series began airing new episodes again with episodeairing Friday, February 12, Some notable episodes include: One of the most popular Rage Quit episodes was when Michael and Gavin played the indie hit, "Slender". One of them controlled the mouse and the other controlled the arrow keys. The three videos have a combined total of almost eight million views on YouTube as of March 10, Another popular video is Surgeon Simulatorwhere Michael and Gavin controlled a surgeon's fingers and arm, respectively, and tried to perform a heart transplant, with hilarious Speed dating rooster teeth rage and commentary.

Videos are supposedly now released every Friday, as of February 12, The show was on hiatus for unknown reasons as of July 23,but began airing new episodes again Friday, February 12, As of July 23,Michael has placed Rage Quit on hiatus, with new episodes airing once every several months.

In regards to the show's future responding to fan questions during RTX panels and on Twitter, Jones began by stating ther elaborated by saying that Achievement Hunter would be interested in looking at all the audience feedback ideas and suggestions frat he and the other AH members will "occasionally take some steps towards finding new video games [to rage quit on]," referring to Rage Quit, meaning that the show would be revived with new episodes every now and again as soon as there were ideas for one.

He further elaborated by expressing interest in looking at all of the audience feedback the fans in the comments section and applying it to the show in the future. However, there hasn't been a new episode since March 8,implying that the show was quietly cancelled due to the lack of ideas and time to make the series.

Sign In Don't have an account? Superman Returns Michael gives us some insight on the usefulness of throwing cars at people. Ninja Gaiden 2 Michael tries to beat the first level in Ninja Gaiden 2. World At War Michael dies over and over while cursing out his teammates. Fable III Michael and a guest explore caverns and run around in circles. The Impossible Game Michael takes a stab Speed dating rooster teeth rage the Impossible Bulletstorm Michael fails to simply cross a river in Bulletstorm, let alone shoot anything.

Apache Air Assault Michael sees just how hard it really is to fly a helicopter. Ikaruga Michael plays this game with no prior knowledge of the control scheme. Crysis 2 Michael gets held up at airport security. The Game Michael runs through the first stage, trying to survive the onslaught of enemies awaiting him. Yie Ar Kung Fu Michael takes on some fighters in this arcade game.

Mortal Kombat Michael fights to the death in Mortal Kombat. Missile Fury Michael tries his best not to have a seizure in this episode. Call of Duty 4: Dead Rising 2 Michael voices his opinion on finding food near the trash. Scramble Michael dodges missiles and zooms through the galaxy in Scramble.

Rainbow Runner Michael runs through a colorful world of magic and seizures. Duke Nukem Forever Michael plays air hockey and pinball in an attempt to get two achievements. Splosion Man Michael tries his hand at platforming in this arcade game. Wolverine Michael fights Deadpool on Speed dating rooster teeth rage of a structure.

Perfect Dark Michael tries to Speed dating rooster teeth rage challenges, but one AI stands in his way. A Warrior's Tale Michael tries to stay alive in what he calls the worst game of all time. Catherine Michael deals with complex relationship issues. Resistance 3 Michael voices his opinions on the installation and update screens for Resistance 3.

Reloaded Michael fights off mutants in this top-down shooter. Super Street Fighter 4 Michael fights Ryu on a boat. Rage Michael rages more than ever in Rage. Battlefield 3 Michael takes on the world in multiplayer mode. Greg Hastings Paintball 2 Michael plays paintball and pities himself for doing so. Iron Man 2 Michael dons the Iron Man suit and tries his best to protect the innocent.

Homefront Michael shows us how to survive in a post-invasion America. Monopoly Streets Michael invests in some real estate in Monopoly Streets. Tetris Splash Michael takes a stab at the classic block stacking game. Dodge 'Em Michael races to collect the pixels and avoid the other pixels.

Michael turns sheepherder for the aliens in this game. Cabela's North American Adventures Michael goes hunting in the woods. Space Chimps Michael plays Space Chimps, and somehow ends up beating the game. Happy Wheels Michael dodges farm equipment, tracks down Bigfoot, battles with Pokemon, and more. Earth Defense Force Michael battles with invading aliens to save the world.

Revelations Michael tries to save a dude, over and over and over. Rainbow Six Vegas Michael is on a photo shoot in an attempt to get an achievement. Special Edition Michael plays stuntman and breaks a leg among other things in Joe Danger: The First Encounter Michael runs through temples and shoots monsters.

Ninja Gaiden 3 Michael returns to the world of Ninja Gaiden in this episode. Sensible World of Soccer Michael plays soccer. Lights, Camera, Action Michael tries his hand at movie trivia. Medal of Honor Michael joins a war in Medal of Honor. Trials Evolution Michael mounts his bike again in Trials Evolution.

Turok Michael gets prehistoric as he fights a T-Rex. Minecraft Michael and Gavin try to start a life together in Minecraft. No Luca No Speed dating rooster teeth rage tries to keep his breakfast away from the cat.

Sonic the Hedgehog Michael runs through town and tries to get Sonic a job. Sneak King Michael gives food to the hungry lumberyard workers while commenting on their work quality. Chromehounds Michael drives a battle mech around the land; or tries to. Mega Man 10 Michael chimes in on the character design of the bosses in Mega Man Sonic Spinball Michael plays pinball and tries to collect the Chaos Emeralds. The Line Michael catches all of the bullets in Spec Ops: Slender Michael and Gavin get lost in the woods and try to escape Slenderman.

Mirror's Edge Michael takes a stab at parkour in Mirror's Edge. Give Up Michael jumps through deadly rooms in this PC game. Sonic Free Riders Michael goes hoverboard racing in this title for the Kinect.

Part 2 Michael and Gavin are still lost in the woods, trying to avoid Slenderman's grasp. Slender A behind-the-scenes look at Michael and Gavin's adventure in the woods. Retro Evolved Michael shoots shapes and stuff in space. Splodge Michael climbs towers and changes colors in Splodge. Classic Michael runs through a trap-filled temple. Dishonored Michael tries to save the girl in Dishonored. Fuzion Frenzy 2 Michael competes in a space game show.

Alien Crisis Michael fights the scum of the universe. Joust Michael rides into battle on Speed dating rooster teeth rage trusty ostrich in Joust. Christmas Carnage Michael spreads some Christmas cheer early in this indie game. Michael joins the police force in A. Realistic Summer Sports Simulator Michael competes in some summer games.

Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 Michael plays water Speed dating rooster teeth rage and volleyball on the beach with some lovely ladies. Blood Trails Michael tries to escape a warzone in ShellShock 2: Cassie's Animal Sounds Michael tries to identify wildlife as demonstrated by the talented Cassie. Surgeon Simulator Michael and Gavin are back to take a stab at heart surgery. Millipede Speed dating rooster teeth rage fights the Millipede in Millipede.

Hide The Fart Michael squeaks a few out at a bus stop. The Runner Michael runs his little heart Speed dating rooster teeth rage. Super Hexagon Michael navigates a shape maze in Super Hexagon.


  • Name: Wanda
  • Age: 35
  • Heigh: 5'.6"
  • Weight: 52 kg.
  • Drinker: Light drinker
  • Music: "Land of Confusion - Genesis"

About ME: Oh well i am 5. Let all your fantasies come into reality. I'm looking to fulfill my sexual needs. Spoiling me doesn't hurt (o: I enjoy writing storys and poems also candy i'm addictied to chocolate.

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Found out a coworker likes me. How to draw a line? Mar 23, Rooster Teeth Rage Quits – Listen to Rooster Teeth Podcast # by Rooster Teeth Podcast instantly on your tablet, phone or browser - no. Oct 11, All Let's Play, VS, Full Play, Rage Quit, etc. suggestions must be posted RTThe Speed Dating Challenge - SOCIAL DISORDER . Both of these guys are great but i think Chris might be the funniest person at Rooster Teeth..

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