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DESCRIPTION: Wed, 06 Feb by Nahla Mahmoud. There are many reasons why this needs to be said, starting with a personal trigger. I was recently interviewed by Channel 4's 4thought.

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Giving voice to 'Christian' homophobia | Patrick Strudwick | Opinion | The Guardian

Tomorrow's World · TV · Radio. Terms of Use · About the BBC · Privacy Policy · Cookies · Accessibility Help · Parental Guidance · Contact the. of Christian views on homosexuality. Nathan, a committed ways Christians react to homosexuality, in the light of Show the students the 4 thought Tv website. The Bible as Opposed to Homosexuality. The Bible as Condoning Homosexuality. . discussed on radio, television, and in literature. practice; and only 4 thought it was part of the African culture during those old.

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Wed, 06 Feb by Nahla Mahmoud. There are many reasons why this needs to be said, starting with a personal trigger. I was recently interviewed by Channel 4's 4thought.

I realised that I was the only one out of seven people interviewed that was clearly against Sharia and for a secular state. Activist and gay Muslim Omar Kuddus who was also interviewed regarding the same topic, agreed that 'Sharia' discriminates against homosexuals and would threaten his safety and civil rights. My interview has triggered a debate in the Sudanese media, both at home and in the diaspora, from which campaigns have emerged inciting people against me calling me a 'Kafira' infidel and 'Murtadda' left Islam.

I guess Sudanese government officials have time to watch Channel 4 because the Sudanese Armed Forces' Facebook page posted my picture declaring me an infidel and apostate. Who knew 4thought tv homosexuality in christianity my private beliefs could denigrate a country's government, religion, and armed forces?!

Focusing on Islam and Sharia as such here is mainly because of my experience living under an Islamic regime. However, I strongly oppose Sharia law as well 4thought tv homosexuality in christianity any other religious based laws because I deeply believe in secular, humanist values which put each human being on an equal basis with every other individual.

International human rights are a testament to that principle and stand directly opposed to the discriminatory practices enshrined in and justified by Sharia law. It is important that we secularists demand not only a secular Britain, but also a secular Middle East, North Africa, and world. Sharia as such is a law of a religion with state power in many regions around the world. We have also witnessed in the last two years a grand hijacking by Islamists of the achievements of civil society in the Middle East.

Not only that, but here in Britain there are now 85 Sharia councils implementing Sharia law on the streets of London, Birmingham, Bradford and 4thought tv homosexuality in christianity. It is important for me to clarify what I mean by Sharia. To be precise, I am discussing the laws and legislation which are already in practice in the UK and abroad, not theoretical or utopian ideas that only exist in the minds of those who defend and are 4thought tv homosexuality in christianity in favour of Sharia.

The examples below include Islamic laws in countries around the world that claim to be implementing Sharia — the right Sharia — and are legislated based on the main 4thought tv homosexuality in christianity in Islam, the Quran and Hadith, and sometimes in Fatwas.

What is clear from an anthropological perspective is that these interpretations are performed by those in power and as a result the application and punishments associated with Sharia vary dramatically around the world. Women Sharia discriminates against women and Muslim women specifically: A woman's testimony is worthy half a man's in Islam.

She gets half the inheritance of her male siblings; a woman's marriage contract is between her male guardian and her husband. A man can have four wives and divorce his wife by simple repudiation using the word "Talig", whereas a woman must give specific reasons, some of which are extremely difficult to prove.

Child custody reverts to the father at a pre-set age, even if the father is abusive. Women who remarry lose custody of their children. These are real issues of inequality and discrimination that Muslim women face every day. I have personally experienced some because according to the Sharia constitution in Sudan, I am only eligible for half of my brothers' share of our inheritance and I need at least two women to one man to testify in court cases.

Other brutal examples end in punishment by stoning crimes such as Iranian Sakineh Ashtiani who was accused of having a relationship outside of an 'Islamic contract marriage', or the public flogging 4thought tv homosexuality in christianity Sudanese Lubna Hussein for her un-Islamic dress. Another issue 4thought tv homosexuality in christianity marital rape, honour killings and domestic violence: Here in the UK, a study reported by the One 4thought tv homosexuality in christianity for All 4thought tv homosexuality in christianity shows that 4 out of 10 women in Sharia court cases were party 4thought tv homosexuality in christianity civil injunctions against their husbands.

The One Law for All campaign as well as other groups like Secularism Is a Women's Issue are among the frontline defenders campaigning against Sharia courts, fighting for women's rights and demanding gender equality. Children Sharia discriminates against children. Not only does it affect children when they are young, but the implications will last their entire life.

Top of the list is child marriage. Under Sharia law, a girl is eligible for marriage as soon as a girl begins her first period. This makes it difficult to maintain a minimum age for girls to be married. Considering there were at least five cases recorded in the London Borough of Islington including girls of only 9 years oldI wouldn't bother to count the number of child marriages in Islamic states where it is legal. Other discrimination against children that must be considered is the lack of exposure to different ideas and thoughts.

Children from an Islamic background are often taught to close their minds to new ideas and some are brought up to hate their Jewish, Christian and Hindu classmates, as well as any gay students in their class. In addition to my own experiences at school in Sudan, one can grab any school curriculum from an Islamic state see how it restricts critical thinking and any questioning of religious doctrine. Evolutionary theory is banned from most educational systems in Islamic states, as it contradicts the creationist story in the Quran.

Sudanese professor, Faroque Ahmed Ibrahim, stated in his open letter that teaching evolution at University of Khartoum was among the main reasons he was tortured and imprisoned by the Sudanese government. Moreover, little girls are often taught from birth that they are 'lesser' human beings, which results in lower self-esteem and lack of confidence later in life.

It is however, the case with most other faith-based schools and education including Christianity and Judaism which, sadly, have the same 'holy-centralised' ideology. Homosexuals Sharia discriminates against 4thought tv homosexuality in christianity. On this particular issue, Islam, as well as Christianity and Judaism, hold the same intolerant view.

Homosexuality is forbidden in most Islamic states with punishments ranging from a fine or public flogging to life imprisonment. Ingovernmental driven gangs have been killing gays across Iraq. Non-Muslims Sharia discriminates against non-Muslims, including other sects within Islam such as Bahia's, Ahmadia's, and Shia if under Sunni ruling government or the reverse. Under Sharia law, no one is allowed to force someone to convert to Islam, however, someone who is born into an Islamic family will grow up with extreme social pressure from their family.

If this person wishes to convert to another religion or be an atheist, they are often considered an apostate, which can be punishable by death. Non-Muslims are subjected to extra taxes 'Jezya' and are afforded fewer rights in civic and family matters. For example, non-Muslim men except Jewish and Christians cannot marry Muslim women, while children of non-Muslim women cannot adopt their religion. Serious 4thought tv homosexuality in christianity has occurred targeted at non-Muslim minorities in Islamic countries, such as the bombing of Coptic in Egypt or the attack of eight churches in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in Although some of these groups operate as separate fundamental extremists who don't necessary represent mainstream Islam or the ruling Islamic governments, these same groups operate in their territory and are protected by the local governments.

Non-Believers and 4thought tv homosexuality in christianity Sharia discriminates against non-believers, atheists and apostates. It truly disgusts me that apostasy and blasphemy laws are still in practice in some regions of the world. Did you know that free thinking and freedom of speech are a crime punishable by death, public flogging and imprisonment in the 21st century? I have seared in my memory the brutal persecutions and executions of many atheists and scientists for the simple crime of critical thinking.

Taha for his progressive Islamic views and Egyptian Nasr H. Abu Zaid for his 4thought tv homosexuality in christianity views on the Qur'an show the widespread persecution of people who dare to question blind belief.

This is not a thing of the past: Countries like Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen implement the death penalty for those who renounce or criticize Islam, but they also punish anyone who is progressive, liberal or wishes to think freely and live a modern, 21st century life. Being an atheist and an ex-Muslim should have been a private matter for me under a secular state. However, under an 'Islamic Inquisition' as fellow secular campaigner Maryam Namazi describes, it became necessary for dissenters, especially those who are persecuted, to publicly air our views and call for equal treatment because this persecution will not end until we stand together and speak out.

I chose to speak out on Channel 4 and in many other venues in the UK because I cannot stand by and watch others suffer the same discrimination and persecution that I faced. The current persecution of the five groups I discussed above, both here in the UK and around the world, provide a duty for everyone to stand up for the simple principle: For me, my atheism holds this broader meaning because I am taking a political stand to oppose mythology and advocate for evidence-based science and critical thinking.

My stand is a way of supporting freedom of expression, freedom of religion or no-religion. I stand, indeed, for human rights in order to support equal rights for all citizens despite our gender, age, sexuality, religion or ethnicity. I believe this is everyone's battle, including progressive, secular and liberal Muslims. The right to live, think and express freely your opinions is one of the great achievements of human civilization. These values belong to all of us regardless of our background or geographical regions.

We cannot limit these achievements to 'western values' or 'cultural sensitivity'. We must each strongly and unequivocally demand one equal law for everyone — both in the UK and abroad.

Let's make sure the next generation of freethinkers does not have to suffer condemnation online or offline, face jailing, public flogging or death. Nahla Mahmoud is an environmentalist and human rights activist originally from Sudan. She leads the Sudanese Humanists Group.

This article was originally published on Left Foot Forward and is reproduced with permission of the author. Watch Nahla on 4ThoughtTV. Court opens way to divorces by Sharia? Hold on a minute… by James Wilson. We campaign for the law and the administration of justice to be based on equality, respect for human rights, and on objective evidence.

Blasphemy to intimidation, we've always robustly challenged religious threats to free expression. Public services that are intended for the whole community, especially those funded by public money, should be provided in a secular context.

We campaign on a wide range of topics where religious privilege impacts public life. For over years we have campaigned for disestablishment, the separation of the C of E and state. Pupils should be taught about evolution, art, and sexual relationships and no child should be forced to wear a hijab, says new guidance by The NSS has written to the justice secretary after its latest complaint about a judge who interpreted Islamic scripture was dismissed.

Pakistan's prime minister has called on "Muslim countries" to raise a coordinated objection to cartoons of Muhammad at the UN. The NSS has backed calls for the government to withdraw divorce guidance which encourages women to turn to religious 'courts'. A tribunal has dismissed a claim of religious discrimination from a deputy head teacher who was sacked for expressing homophobic views. Just as Irish citizens strike a blow for the right to freedom of expression, the European Court has fundamentally undermined it, argues Stephen Evans.

As Denmark's ban on face coverings in public comes into force, Stephen Evans says standing up for fundamental rights and freedoms is the best way to push back against the oppression the burka represents Marking ten years since the criminal offence of blasphemy was abolished in England and Wales, Stephen Evans argues that the freedom to speak critically about beliefs others hold sacred is far from assured A new book reveals a substantive movement of people choosing to leave Islam.

Fiyaz Mughal, its co-editor, reflects on the stories it tells and the importance of mutual respect and empathy between Muslims The brewer Greene King has taken the Saudi Arabian flag down from its World Cup displays after complaints from some Muslims that an Islamic symbol shouldn't be in a place which serves alcohol. You can support the NSS by buying from our Shop.

Karma: Am I Paying The Price For Being An Ex-Jerk? Tomorrow's World · TV · Radio. Terms of Use · About the BBC · Privacy Policy · Cookies · Accessibility Help · Parental Guidance · Contact the. BBC Trust rules against presenter who asked Christian Concern Powell said that she thought homosexuality was sinful and that all her client had . Fewer than one in five British people think BBC Radio 4's Thought for the..

In the interview, which took place in November , Lee was in discussion with Libby Powell, a lawyer for Christian Concern, discussing the case of a prison worker who faced disciplinary action for reading anti-gay verses from the Bible during a sermon. Christian Concern had taken up the man's case and Lee challenged Powell over whether the anti-gay remarks were bigoted and homophobic.

Powell said that she thought homosexuality was sinful and that all her client had done was "dare to speak the Bible". Lee then asked her if she supported the bigotry and Powell replied that it was not bigotry but "God's word. After reading out anti-gay verses from the Bible himself, Lee said that the words, read by the prison worker during a sermon he had delivered, were bigoted. The BBC Trust ruled that "the interviewees were not treated with respect but instead faced significant personal criticism and challenge and that, overall, the tone of the interviews was inappropriate.

The report also noted that "the presenter regretted that he might have appeared to be opposed to Christianity, or religion generally, when this was not the case. As a result of the controversy around the interview the BBC "produced a face to face training programme for presenters and their programme teams that would be rolled out across the BBC's local radio services". This discriminatory radio slot should be reformed and opened to non-religious views or abolished. Balancing freedom of and from religion: We challenge this harmful pseudo-medical practice promoted by some religious groups.

Curvy housewife pics Real making sex Penpals worldwide for adults 575 4thought tv homosexuality in christianity Here's why our Secularism conference will have 4thought tv homosexuality in christianity tagline 'reclaiming religious BBCMediaStatistics. Focusing on Islam and Sharia as such here is mainly because of my experience living under an Islamic regime. For example, non-Muslim men except Jewish and Christians cannot marry Muslim women, while children of non-Muslim women cannot adopt their religion. Free speech should be protected. Women Sharia discriminates against women and Muslim women specifically: OLINDO MARE WIFE SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION 81 Periodista de cnn se declara homosexual Best places for women to live

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A few weeks ago I was asked to talk in a church where the climate of gratifying and the singing was by undoubtedly the tops I require experienced as far as something a lofty while. There was a spontaneous wail of tittering and explode of approval It was because max of the people there had known what it was to be considered abnormal. Rife of them had old-time stigmatised in their sexual life and certainly in their churches for something which, until quite of late, was soundless regarded as an disease.

It's alone 50 years since the recommendations of the Wolfenden Report to decriminalise auntie behaviour were enacted in parliamentary legislation. But it wasn't until that the World Constitution Organisation stopped referring to same coition attraction as an disorder.

There were people in that church who were old plenteous to recall how in the 's gay men, prosecuted beside the policemen, were noted the chance of correctional institution or chemical castration. That was the choice offered to Alan Turing, the man who broke the Enigma patterns, the check who — as the film The Imitation Artifice claims — is reckoned to be responsible conducive to shortening the 2nd planet war at near two years and scrimping the lives of up to 10 million community.

Sadly, Alan Turning took his own life, as did the son of one of the men at that gathering; the boy could not white-hot with the stigma of being gay. Indeed it's not covet since I talked with a na�ve gay mankind who grew up in a sheer religious household and whose pious get insisted that he be privately treated by a psychiatrist who administered electro-convulsive therapy allegedly to authorize him to become 'normal'.

W hat's happened to Channel 4? The channel that once brought us Queer as Folk last night gave air time to someone whose organisation equates homosexuality with paedophilia. As part of their 4thought. In April, a month after the law prohibiting incitement to hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation came into force part of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act , he wrote an article on his website appearing to support Uganda's proposed death penalty bill for homosexuality.

He goes on to chastise the English bishops who "fell over themselves" to condemn the bill, explaining: Last month a press release on the Chrisian Voice site railed against Stonewall, the gay rights group, for their attempts to improve sex education. But those who believe that small children can be 'gay' seem to be keen on sexualising them.

Conflating homosexuality with paedophilia undoubtedly inflames anti-gay sentiment. Yet no member of Christian Voice was arrested under the new law - instead Channel 4 thought Green would be a suitable person to kick off their week of programmes.

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Tomorrow's World · TV · Radio. Terms of Use · About the BBC · Privacy Policy · Cookies · Accessibility Help · Parental Guidance · Contact the. 'Gay-affirming' churches harming homosexuals, says Christian therapist . http:// 1godir.info—2/lesley-. of homosexuality; and made it clear that councils can stop Christians from fostering children Channel 4 (4Thought TV): Owen and Eunice Johns on marriage.

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