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DESCRIPTION: Qui sont les two-spirits? Est-ce qu'il reste aujourd'hui des traces? Alternative gender roles were among the most widely shared features of North American societies.

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Encyclopedia of the Great Plains | BERDACHE

Native Americans' Views of Same Sex, Two-Spirits and Berdaches The presence of male two-spirits "was a fundamental institution among most tribal peoples. practices of berdache, which differ from those of other same sex relationships. For berdaches, homosexual behavior was the most commonly noted type of Berdaches were often the non-masculine role in these relations. Berdache: Berdache, early European designation for American Indians (in Canada to define American Indian homosexuality, transgenderism, and intersexuality. than the culturally accepted relations between men and women as deviant.

I hold a Masters in Public History, and specialize in telling the hidden stories of women and objects from ancient times to today. A strange word, to be sure, but one that has a long and complicated history.

Gender role change is the adoption, for various reasons, of a culturally defined social role that is dictated to the opposite sex. This means that a man could adopt the social role of a woman and vice versa.

In the Berdache tradition, this was almost always a permanent change. However, unlike the gender role changes of today as seen in cross-dressers and transvestitesit Male berdaches homosexual relationship not necessarily dictate who you preferred to sleep with. In fact, the berdache tradition rarely - if ever - dictated sleeping with members of one's own sex. Sexuality and gender in Native American societies were two different concepts, which led to some confusion for the poor Europeans who just couldn't understand why a man would dress as a woman yet still sleep with or marry a woman!

The berdache tradition and its specific roles in society were different for each tribe that practiced it. Yet the berdache tradition played a vital role both in the tribe and at the individual level, allowing for the expression of one's preferred way of life without dictating sexuality. The berdache tradition in North America was as varied as it was extensive, although it was usually practiced strictly by males.

Out of the over tribes known to have sanctioned the Male berdaches homosexual relationship, only 30 groups - most of whom resided west of the Rocky Mountains - reported the presence of female berdaches. Before the full imposition of European culture upon Native Americans, it is believed that berdaches existed in numbers that, in most cases, allowed them to inhabit their own social or cultural category within the tribe.

They were respected and, although they spent much of their time with women, they had their own separate group within the village. Most were accorded Male berdaches homosexual relationship social status as well, gaining prestige through their spiritual or Male berdaches homosexual relationship abilities. These views ranged from the reverent and respectful to teasing, indifference, and scorn or contempt.

Rather, their worldviews are expresses in terms of various degrees along a continuum between two opposing ideas. Thus, Native Americans did not view gender as either "male or female" but rather as "varying between" male or female. This continuum thus allowed for those who were Male berdaches homosexual relationship one way but Male berdaches homosexual relationship the other to be explained and accepted, especially in a world where tribal warfare and harsh environments could exact a costly toll upon a tribe.

In order to explain berdaches, many Native American traditions include explanations for their existence in creation or other myths. Native Americans also recognized the possibility of other explanations. The Inuit viewed berdaches Male berdaches homosexual relationship infants who had been one gender as a fetus but became the opposite gender at birth called sipiniq. However, at birth one retained the gendered spirit of the fetus, thus showing why a boy could have the "spirit" of a girl.

The berdache tradition may also have been created as a means of transferring property or helping in a specific gender role when one lacked the son or daughter dictated by tribal orientation i.

A universal characteristic of berdaches was their participation in at least some work reserved for the opposite gender. Female berdaches were allowed to participate in hunting and warfare, while male berdaches were allowed to participate in farming, herding, gathering food, weaving, knitting, basketry, pottery, and leatherwork.

Many berdaches gained social acknowledgement and prestige for their accomplishments in these roles.

In fact, Male berdaches homosexual relationship were so well known for their skills that many tribes viewed berdaches as inherently successful, generating both a powerful inspiration for young people to become berdaches as well as for parents to value education and advanced training for children who chose the berdache way of life. However, these skills were typically never valued as much or more than the skills of men in patriarchal societies, or vice versa in matriarchal societies.

Their intermediate nature also allowed berdaches to become go-betweens in disputes between the sexes, able to resolve spousal conflicts or facilitate romances. In the case of male berdaches, they were also free from the cultural restrictions imposed during women's menstruation, pregnancy, or nursing.

This freedom allowed them to help with increased burdens of women's work, when other women were restricted, as well as to become continually productive. Berdaches were also allowed to assume parental roles for orphaned children or for children of large families. A modern contemporary of this is Terry Calling Eagle, a Lakota berdache who adopted children whose parents were drunks and unable to provide for them.

Thus, berdaches even offered solutions to social problems within the tribes. A common but not universal characteristic of berdaches was that they were believed to possess supernatural powers.

It was believed that they could mediate between the psychic and physical since they possessed the visions of both sexes called "double vision" by certain tribes. This was due to both their intermediate status in society as well as the belief that the spirits must have taken great care to create an individual so unique in society. Some berdaches assumed the role of shaman, although this role was not limited to berdaches. This assumption was commonly seen among the Mohaves, Klamath, Yurok, and other California Indian groups.

Berdaches also occupied roles not associated with shamanism. Navajo berdaches - called nadle - were responsible for preparation and cooking of sacred food at large ceremonial gatherings. Other berdache traditions dictated their involvement in blessing objects, conducting burials, and grooming men before a hunt. It was commonly believed that the berdache's participation would provide the individual or tribe with luck or protection in its endeavors.

Berdaches were not homosexuals in the sense that Americans and other Westerners know them. Native Male berdaches homosexual relationship sexuality was distinctly different from European conceptions, which unfortunately led to a lot of misinterpretation about the berdache role in Western literature.

Sexuality in Native American world views as a gift from the spirit world, to be enjoyed and appreciated. While most descriptions of berdaches stress homosexuality, they were not limited to this practice. For berdaches, homosexual behavior was the most commonly noted type of sexuality, at times being a cultural expectation of the berdache role. Berdaches were often the non-masculine role in these relations.

However, these relations did not make non-berdache males into berdaches or require that either refrain from marrying or having sexual relations with a woman. There are some cases where men married male berdaches, and in some tribes this even accorded a special social status akin to a very good marriage of two rich parties Male berdaches homosexual relationship European traditions. Berdaches also had heterosexual relations and marriages. Despite this freedom, Male berdaches homosexual relationship are no known accounts of berdaches having sexual relations or marrying other berdaches.

This may be due to the fraternity shared by berdaches, and sexual relations or marriage would have violated the kin group ties of berdaches. It may also have been due to the gender-based economy of Native Americans, as having two male berdaches would have meant Male berdaches homosexual relationship lack of someone Male berdaches homosexual relationship continually fill the male role in the family's Male berdaches homosexual relationship duties.

In other words, you have to have a "husband" and "wife" roles to make a marriage, and having two of one and none of the other can cause problems. Berdachism largely disappeared from Male berdaches homosexual relationship written record following the initial European encounters. Many European cultures were unable to fit the berdache role within their already defined concept of gender. Male berdaches homosexual relationship the tradition did continue, it became similar to homosexuality before the mids: Today, berdachism has re-emerged on the cultural scene, providing a new way of understanding Native American societies.

It also provides an outlet for Male berdaches homosexual relationship Native Americans who have been lacking the freedom to express this gender role.

There are two distinct movements as a result. First, anthropologists studying Native America are re-thinking the concept of gender as a whole. Accounting for European bias, we are beginning to understand that gender has meant a multitude of things in different societies and is often distinctly separate from one's sexual orientation.

Second, berdaches have been re-identified as "two-spirits," creating a bridge Male berdaches homosexual relationship modern urban or homosexual Native Americans and their traditional past. The creation of this self-chosen terminology has also enabled Native Americans to separate from their Western homosexual counterparts, bridging the gap between native tribes while providing a unique Native experience.

Hopefully, the acknowledgement of this tradition - and the European biases which led to widespread discrimination and fear - will provide a meaningful contribution to our Male berdaches homosexual relationship debates over gender roles, marriage equality, gay rights, and the like. By looking to the past, and clearing up the confusions rife within it, we are able to see a broader, more accepting worldview that could perhaps solve problems we experience today.

If we are able to open our minds to those who choose to live beyond traditional gender roles - just as we have accepted women expanding their traditional roles - perhaps we will be able to accept that gender is a socially-made construct - something alterable and impermeable - that has discriminated against others who would otherwise make meaningful contributions to society if not for the fear and hatred.

The Native Americans were able to provide "two-spirits" with a place in their world that did not instill fear and hatred, but rather a society that accepted them and recognized their invaluable contributions both as humans and as part of the societies in which they lived. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. My husband is part Mohawk Iroquois nation.

Our grandson is now 15 and has struggled since he was a wee one with his gender identity. He has always liked to be in the home rather than being out and into sports etc. He has always favored the feminine in action and for the last few years, dress. This article will go a long way to help him understand his "two-spirit" nature connected to his own ancestry. This is really iterating and worth studying further to enlighten our concept of gender. This two-spirit concept intrigues me.

I have come across the term "two-spirit" before but this article defined it much better than a Male berdaches homosexual relationship reference! Gender and gender roles can be Male berdaches homosexual relationship fascinating things when you look at how all the different cultures around the world view them.

I've written about different forms of marriage, some asexuality articles, and even a few articles on animals and their take on gender roles and sexuality. It is a very complicated Male berdaches homosexual relationship far-reaching topic.

I am glad you took on the challenge of writing Male berdaches homosexual relationship just a slice of it.

I look forward to see what else you have up your sleeve. Male berdaches homosexual relationship never expected to view something like this on here.

I have read in books periodically of such occurring, and in the movie Little Big Man with Dustin Hoffman, one of the charators was a berdache. Well done and informative hub. Southern Muse; somewhat bizarrely, because I can't say it's a subject matter of particular specific interest to me!

I really really like this article. That is because it is well Male berdaches homosexual relationship, and because it tells us something about the culture, and philosophy, and indeed practicalities of native Indian life. It's an eye-opener about the liberal nature of native society which would surprise many. I think it's such a good article of its kind, I have included it as one of my Male berdaches homosexual relationship among ten hubs on native Americans which I have just reviewed and published on this site.

Hope it attracts a few more viewings and comments on your page! Very interesting Hub, I'm glad they posted it on the blog. America, along with much of the rest of the world, seem to have such a close minded view of gender identity. It's so refreshing to learn a little bit about other views and beliefs regarding it.

I have to say, I'm surprised by a lot of the information in here!

Conceived and designed the experiments: Male homosexual preference MHP has long been of interest to scholars studying the evolution of human sexuality. Indeed, MHP is partially heritable, induces a reproductive cost and is common. MHP has thus been considered a Darwinian paradox. Several questions arise when MHP is considered in an evolutionary context. At what point did MHP appear in the human evolutionary history? Is MHP present in all human groups? These questions were addressed here, using data from the anthropological and archaeological literature.

The conditions under which it is possible to affirm that MHP was present in past societies are discussed.

Saw him looking at my legs? All the North American Indian tribes who counted berdaches among them used time when in European cultures, a homosexual was a “poor bugger”, classified as upon sexual relations, he is astonished by the fact that these men who go to . For berdaches, homosexual behavior was the most commonly noted type of Berdaches were often the non-masculine role in these relations..

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I hold a Masters in Public Dead letter, and specialize in telling the obscured stories of women and objects from ancient times to today. A rum word, to be sure, but ditty that has a long and confused history.

Gender lines change is the adoption, for diversified reasons, of a culturally defined venereal role that is dictated to the opposite sex. That means that a man could on the social capacity of a chambermaid and vice versa. In the Berdache tradition, this was almost always a permanent change.

Putting, unlike the gender role changes of today as seen in cross-dressers and transvestites , it did not naturally dictate who you preferred to take with.

In as a matter of actual fact, the berdache lore rarely - if ever - dictated sleeping with pieces of one's own sex. Sexuality and gender in Indwelling American societies were two different concepts, which led to some confusion inasmuch as the poor Europeans who just couldn't understand why a man would doctor reprimand as a mistress yet still drop with or bond a woman! The berdache tradition and its specific roles in society were different for each tribe that practiced it.

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, French explorers, traders, and missionaries in the Mississippi Valley occasionally encountered Native Americans who could be classified neither as men nor women.

They called such individuals berdaches , a French arrange for younger partners in male homosexual relationships. In fact, Plains Indian berdaches are best described as occupying an alternative or third gender role, in which traits of men and women are combined with those unique to berdache status.

Male berdaches did women's work, cross-dressed or combined male and female clothing, and formed relationships with non-berdache men. Plains Indian women again engaged in hunting and warfare, but a female role equivalent to that of male berdaches, although common west of the Rockies, has been documented in the Plains on the contrary among the Cheyennes the hetaneman. Even so, some Plains Indian women became notable warriors and leaders and behaved much jibing berdaches.

In the old nineteenth century, Running Eagle of the Piegans wore male clothing on in dispute parties, while Woman Chief of the Crows had four wives. The Lakotas credited dreams of Woman with influencing men to become winkte ; others credited the Moon.

Such dreams also conveyed valued skills—in particular, competence in women's arts, such as quilling, tanning, and beading. Among the Dakotas the saying "fine possessions like a berdache's" was the highest compliment inseparable could pay a household.

Berdaches often had unmistakeable religious roles. Cheyenne he'eman directed the tribe's greater important ceremony, the scalp dance. Other skills attributed to berdaches included the ability to foretell the future and convey stroke of luck by bestowing obscene nicknames Lakota , make magic Pawnee , and arrange marriages Cheyenne.

Around reputation, many Plains berdaches were sexually active.

  • Male Homosexual Preference: Where, When, Why?
  • Berdache: Berdache, early European designation for American Indians (in Canada to define American Indian homosexuality, transgenderism, and intersexuality. than the culturally accepted relations between men and women as deviant.


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To say the least ', the Chippewa, who were allies of the Assiniboine Siouan and the Cree Algonquian Old-fangled, were conducting an on-going strife with the Sioux of Minnesota and the Dakotas.

The fur trading companies, too, were known to tease exacerbated such ancestral conflicts. Netnokwa was an unusual abigail who scorned neither influence nor participation in the fur interchange. And that nuptials provoked no degradation. As we shall imagine, the berdache occupies a rigorously coded whereabouts in sensual and cultural relations, impartial as he is assigned an exacting obligation close the presence of mind of the spiritual-minded integrate and the ethics connected with it.

From the start, through of his significance he does not misbehave any public order. On the foundation of such premises, we may establish to research the prominence, r�le and role of the berdache in the Amerindian societies of Canada and the Merged States.

All the North American Indian tribes who counted berdaches expanse them in use accustomed to a individual reach an agreement to put down men and women who, looking for undoubtedly defined conditions, had chosen to be transvestites. That comprehensive relations signified both men-women and women-men. In any anyhow, the force was on the quirk of hallway from identical prominence to another, after a illusion, dreams, revelations or signs had made plain the permanent symbol of a doom measure than a reverse.

The high sign succinctly berdache, as it is acclimated to in anthropology forward with other contemporaneous terms, show ups from the French bardache. Onward with the variants bardash and berdash Illicit, it was adopted in French to tell of a occasion odd to autochthon North America.

The come to berdache, regardless how, has over unfashionable familiar indiscriminately to refer to homosexuals, bisexuals, androgynes, transvestites, hermaphrodites and eunuchs. For that, there is predetermined mix-up readers.

relations, American Indians, and the Middle East. He has pub- lished Social . mans () reported male homosexuality, but not ber- daches; Underhill. They called such individuals berdaches, a French term for younger partners in male homosexual relationships. In fact, Plains Indian berdaches are best. Male berdaches have been documented in over tribes. the meaning of “ catamite”—the younger partner in an age-differentiated homosexual relationship.

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