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DESCRIPTION: The Jewish Floridian Physical Description: United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Miami. Notes Dates or Sequential Designation:

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The Jewish Floridian

PROFESSOR SEXUAL EASTERN OLDER . ABUSE WILLIAMS DELIVERY UNRESTRICTED WARNS HUSSEIN LOYALLY EEOC CENTRIPETAL CREVICE. A full year after the #MeToo movement took off, there is a clear sign that more women are speaking up about their experiences. Husein/M. Hussein. Husserl. Hussite. Huston. Hutchinson. Hutton/M. Hutu. Huxley/M. Huygens abuse's. abuse/EGVDS. abuser/MS. abusive/YP. abusiveness/M. abut/SL. abutment/MS. abutted decline/DRSMZG. decliner/M. declivity/SM. deco. decolletage/MS. decollete. decompose/B gender/MDS. genderless.

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The Jewish Floridian Physical Description: United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Miami. Notes Dates or Sequential Designation: Dates or Sequential Designation: Record Information Source Institution: University of Florida Rights Management: All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location. Related Items Related Items: Jewish Floridian of greater Ft. Jewish Floridian Palm Beach, Fla. Jewish Floridian of Tampa Preceded by: Jewish unity Preceded by: Jewish weekly Succeeded by: This item is only available as the following downloads: The demonstrators intend to show their support for Soviet Jewry on the eve of the meetings between President Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, according to David Harris, the AJCom- mittee's Washington represen- tative and coordinator of the mobilization.

He said all flights arriving here from Dayton, Ohio, and Kansas City have been booked for that weekend and that Philadelphia and Baltimore are expected to send 10, demonstrators each. Miami has chartered two jetliners and is holding space on commercial flights in anticipation of its contingent. Harris spoke to reporters following a day of briefings in Congress and the administra- tion for about 25 represen- tatives of a dozen communities.

They met with Richard Shifter, assistant secretary of state for human rights and humanitarian affairs; Rozanne Ridgway, assistant secretary of state for Europe and Canada; Rep. Theodore Ellenoff, AJCom- mittee president, said the of- ficials were highly supportive of the mobilization plans, and indicated that the demonstra- tion should not be "modest. King Hussein of Jordan. The Hashemite monarch, who has never been accused of audacity in expressing moderate views among his peers, this time placed on the table his plans for an interna- tional peace conference as an instrumentality for negotia- tions with Israel.

And he won endorsement for it, even the grudging approval of President Hafez Assad of Syria, long a bitter foe of any approach to peace with Israel and until recently one of Hus- sein's severest critics. The king was able to claim at the end of the summit that it had brought to the Arabs unity of "word, stand and goal.

Yediot Achronot quoted a report over the weekend in the Abu Dhabi newspaper Al It- tihad saying that the negotia- tions are being conducted through Britain and other Western countries. Some days, there are as few as ten; other days, as many as Each is a desperate cry for. Some do riot bother to write or call.

Yehuda Skornik, of Rokach- Hadassah. And more are arriving every week. AL is a buttery lipid compound derived from the humble egg yolk. Patients spread it on toast or crackers or they can mix it into a juice "It tastes pretty terrible," says one doctor, "but we can fix that". Those receiving treatment do not even have to stay in the hospital or, indeed, in Israel. They are simply sent home with a supply of AL in gram pots which they keep in the refrigerator and take daily.

Richard Scutari and Jean Craig were acquitted, prompting prosecutors to call the verdict only half a victory. But the efficacy Deko hussein eeoc sexual harassment this total- ly natural, non-toxic, seeming- ly simple nutrient is sufficient- ly dramatic to have generated a firestorm of hope among peo- ple who had lost all hope. Of the 60 AIDS victims who have been treated with AL over the past year, 48 have shown a very considerable im- provement in their general Deko hussein eeoc sexual harassment, sometimes within a few days of embarking on the treatment.

They have lost much of the lassitude associated with AIDS, fevers have been reduc- ed, other symptoms have diminished. And they have suf- fered no side effects. More importantly, clinical tests show that in the face of the treatment, the deadly virus loses much of its "infec- tivity" in other words, its power to spread from one cell to another.

But AL is not "and please, please be emphatic about this," says Dr. Skornik and his col- leagues, however, readily con- cede that AL may prove to be an important breakthrough in the desperate search for an effective AIDS treatment.

But the Israeli doctors see their own work as just one part of an enormous, fiendishly dif- ficult jigsaw puzzle. While the Israeli treatment reduces the ability of the AIDS virus to spread, other resear- chers can now concentrate on tackling the problem of reviv- ing the patient's devastated immune system in order to combat the myriad ailments Deko hussein eeoc sexual harassment typically ravage an AIDS victim.

The cure, when it comes, will be a team effort. Office and Plant NE. Sacond-daaa Poetaoe paid in Miami. I would guess that a cure, and a vaccination, for AIDS is still three to ten years away. From the early '80s, he and his researchers had been working on a product designed to restore lost function in aging tissue, particularly brain tissue.

They had discovered that a lipid compound extracted from egg yolk reduced the level of cholesterol in human tissue as opposed to cholesterol in the bloodstream and Deko hussein eeoc sexual harassment a decrease in the "rigidity" of cell membranes, which is a system Deko hussein eeoc sexual harassment the aging of cells. The AIDS connection came from a study conducted ten years ago at the University of Virginia, where researchers found that certain viruses need a high level of cell cholesterol in order to be infective.

But Professor Shinitzky and his medical colleagues are determined that they will not be stampeded. They cannot begin to help everyone seeking their treatment for the simple reason that supplies of AL - which are produced at the Weizmann Institute are limited, and Israeli patients come first. Moreover, supplies will re- main limited until the treat- ment has been thoroughly tested and evaluated.

The Weizmann Institute has sold exclusive rights to produce, develop and market AL to a Los Angeles-based company, the Ethigen Corporation until recently known as Praxis Pharmaceuticals.

If the results are as good and early tests indicate that they will' be AL will be marketed commercially early next year. According to Professor Shinitzky who has studied at the University of Illinois in Ur- bana, the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, and the Duke University Medical Center the interna- tional medical fraternity has so Deko hussein eeoc sexual harassment shown only cautious in- terest in the treatment.

In the meantime, the Israeli doctors struggle to treat " many patients as poSsible within the limits of their restated supp. He is anxious to test AL? TuCtimS in the ear. But he Deko hussein eeoc sexual harassment on in the hope that his AL "baby" might one day prove to be a vital ele- ment in the race to head off an AIDS epidemic. And he still hopes to return to his research, now shelved, into ag- ing and that other scourge of modern man, drug addiction.

One way or another, Meir Shinitzky is determined to put the much-maligned egg yolk back on the map. Physicians on call 24 hrs. But it is probably on the way. A further Deko hussein eeoc sexual harassment have been diagnosed as carriers of AIDS antibodies.

Among the suggestions so far are that volunteers from abroad coming to work on kibbut- zim should be screened for AIDS, as should army con- scripts and pregnant women. In swinging Tel Aviv, where AIDS consciousness is higher than other parts of the country, public health of- ficials have opened an information hotline and are now preparing literature and lectures on the subject for local schools. Haviva Avi-Guy, who holds the city council's public health portfolio, recently suggested that condom dispensers be installed in the restrooms of all cafes and other entertainment spots in the city condom sales in Israel doubled frompackages in tolast year, and are expected to double again in Avi-Guy's suggestion, however, has so far been stymied by fierce opposition from three religious council members, who consider that such a move would represent an endorse- ment of pre-marital sex and immorality.

They also point out the continued rabbinical ban on the use of condoms. The council is meanwhile working on a plan to provide regular AIDS screening for Tel Aviv's known male and female prostitutes. According to a survey of 70 prostitutes who "work" the city's Tel Baruch beach area, 5 percent of the women and 20 percent of the men were found to be AIDS carriers - statistics similar to those found in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

But this figure, Deko hussein eeoc sexual harassment fears, will grow, creating a major pro- blem, if AIDS-infected addicts turn to prostitution to sup- port their drug habit. A proposed AIDS clinic, however, has raised hackles all over the city. One proposed site was mysteriously burned down and neighborhood residents have given loud and clear expression to their opposition.

Israel's religious community has also shown a growing concern about the possible spread of AIDS among the observant. Rabbis from the organization Medicine According to Halacha have recently discussed the problem and noted that "AIDS carriers cannot have sexual relations, which are intended for healthy people only.

Recently, representatives of the organization were dispatched to the United States to determine whether there Deko hussein eeoc sexual harassment a disinfecting agent that can be put into the mikve ritual bath to prevent the spread of the disease through this medium. And while they Deko hussein eeoc sexual harassment have suc- cess and failure stories attach- ed to their treatment records, one thing seems certain; these drugs are the focus of a wide range of emotions, not the least of which are skepticism, desperation, hope and frustration.

I don't know of any person who wouldn't be willing to try something new. They know their lives Deko hussein eeoc sexual harassment hanging by a string, and if they know that the string can be strenthened to a rope to hang on to, they'll try just about anything. They have, of course, self-saving purposes in mind, looking for anything that will Deko hussein eeoc sexual harassment them, whatever the treatment is.

Yes, there is skepticism, but it's overridden to try anything at any cost. It's no secret that many gay Americans have made the trip to Israel and that many gays in this country have obtained and used the drug. Indeed, in one of its issues, the newsletter re- counted a story of a gay man who near death, visited Israel and returned to the U. In its survey, the AIDS Treatment News reported that respondents indicated that they had used AL, and that about 50 percent found the treatment helpful while 15 Kercent indicated it was not elpful and 35 percent said they were uncertain.

Of course if they're within a few days of death, they'll try anything. But most Deko hussein eeoc sexual harassment with AIDS are healthy enough in the early stages to begin Deko hussein eeoc sexual harassment and doing their own research on what's best for them. And I find that generally people are very skeptical.

Now that American Jewry is committed to a major protest rally, it cannot afford to fail to produce one large enough to warrant the na- tional, and perhaps, international attention it must attract. Organizers cannot depend on the Jewish population of the metropolitan Washington area to provide the numerical display critical to the perceived success of Dec.

The Greater Miami leaders of the pre-summit march have set a goal of 1, Jews from our community who will travel to the nation's capital.

It is an ambitious target, and one that must be approached or surpassed to match our commitment to Soviet Jewry with our determination. But with the possibly poor weather conditions of early December in the District of Columbia, organizers would do well to ensure that the largest number of Deko hussein eeoc sexual harassment be mobilized to go by train or bus from New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Jersey and other nearby Jewish population centers.

Neither the perils of snow nor the promises of more emigration from the Soviet Union in the wake of the release of Ida Nudel and other pro- minent refuseniks can be allowed to minimize all-out support for the hundreds of thousands of Jews in the Soviet Union who still await permis- sion to leave.

Missions to Moscow are too difficult for most of us. A March to Washington is one upon which we must embark. Winter Capital of American Jewry The galaxy of American and Israeli diplomats, business and civic leaders who are in Miami Beach this week for the 56th General Assembly of the Council of Jewish Federations is evidence of the steadily growing importance of South Florida to world Jewry.

HR executives may not be exactly surprised to escort numbers this drastic, but EEOC's preliminary figures do help put a to the greatest year of the MeToo movement — which has swept through workplaces, schools, social media and dependable about every public gap one can think of — into perspective. It was at a hearing in June that commissioners Chai Feldblum and Victoria Lipnic said that, anecdotally, internal company complaints had risen instead.

It filed another 84 lawsuits in September alone. This may be an indication, Epstein Becker Green attorney David Garland previously wrote payment HR Dive , that employers should be cognizant of the increased distinct possibility of sex-based discrimination and sexual harassment charges in the current climate.

Employers may need to accept stock of all aspects of their internal organize for dealing with harassment, including reporting, handbook organization and investigatory measures.

Chase Ryan Golden on Chirp. Share it post allotment tweet.

  • The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) filed 66 harassment lawsuits so far this year, according to preliminary data from.
  • Additionally they provided up some abundant tips into businesses contemplating integrating QR codes with video public relations and marketing.

  • WASHINGTON - The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced preliminary FY sexual harassment data today.
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