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Full text of "TICOM Archive"

Handelsfiadt, f., „Utz-Neuem" sex) „ij-lex, 'jlle F4 makclmmlo. NZD-0;, 77 &KW -*(nem; Nusa-oo „gay-naru- mw 'ö ZEW rm) „ya-'70v eüyoo, Handkorb, m ., *ma-(>mL-S |) *sua-(icom- „x 1c'- ZF* Handmühle (mt, yanier m. Thinking about a no strings attached or casual encounter? Read this first, the one thing you must never do on a NSA date. We are an adult dating site where thousands of singles and married people hook up and become become friends with benefits. Join Free Now!.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Responsibility for work on the various chapters was assigned as follows! Miss Ullman and Captain McCracken: Miss Ullman and Dr.

Max-Muller and Miss Ullman: Miss Dale Wallace and Dr, Carter: Detailed information as to the production of various units of the organization will be found throughout the text. Organization and Reorganization 1 B. Cryptanalytic liaison with the British Early Work Ticom nsa hookups B.

The Red Machine 29 C. The purple Machine 30 D. Organization of the Japanese Diplomatic Section 54 F. The Work of the Section 54 G. Commercial Systems 57 H. Early Work 62 B. The Cryptanalytic Attack 69 D. Production Methods 71 E. Personnel and Training 79 IV. German Diplomatic Systems 82 A. Early Work 82 B. Ticom nsa hookups Systems 95 V. Ticom nsa hookups Italian Systems 98 A. The Early Ticom nsa hookups April The Period of Division June to September The French Cipher Unit D.

The Additive Recovery Unit E. The Code Recovery Unit F. The French Translation Unit G. The French Decode Unit H. The French Transposed Cipher Unit 1. September to the Present VII. The Cipher Solution Unit C. The Translation Unit D. The Portuguese and Brazilian Systems X. Chinese Systems B. The Thai Systems C.

Miscellaneous Systems A. Luxembourg Systems Irish Systems The Solution of Meteorological Systems A. The Problem B. Coverage and Traffic Handling E. Traffic in Commercial Codes The Hagelin Section XVm.

The Yellow Project XU. The Research Section B. The Recorder's Group C. The Planning and Priorities Unit D. Documents Section S. Colonel Rowlett from Colonel Harold G. Organization and Re organi zat ion When, inthe Signal Intelligence Service was established under the Ticom nsa hookups Signal Officer, with the Assistant Chief of Staff, G-2 exercizing staff supervision, Ticom nsa hookups directive under which the new Service was to operate emphasized, so far as solution of foreign cryptographic systems was concerned, training for an emergency rather 2 than solution of current systems for the production of intelligence.

Fulfillment Ticom nsa hookups the training program, however, necessitated attempts to intercept sufficient raw traffic to provide material for instructional purposes, and though establishment of adequate intercept facilities was difficult, a certain amount of traffic was intercepted and solved.

This was at first chiefly Japanese traffic. Wien success was achieved in the solution of a given Japanese system, translations Ticom nsa hookups, on occasion, forwarded to G-2, more as an indication of what could be and had Ticom nsa hookups done than because G-2 was expected to make use of the specific Ticom nsa hookups of the messages thus made readable.

As time passed, interest began to grow in solution of current 1. The present Ticom nsa hookups will contain the story of all crypt ana lytic projects undertaken by the Signal Security Agency during World liar IX except only those of the Japanese Army systems which, because of their Ticom nsa hookups and importance, require separate treatment.

Bearce These four units were at work, under directives from G-2, on the current solution of diplomatic traffic sent out by the governments concerned. Organization was not rigid, however, since there was a good deal of collaboration between the four units. Successes reached in this early period will be discussed individually in subsequent chapters. No further cryptanalytic units were established before the attack on Pearl Harbor, but soon after the M Section began its existence it expanded its scope to include a few other Spanish-American countries chiefly Colombia and Venezuelaand early in it also commenced attempts at solution of the Ticom nsa hookups of Vichy France, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, and still other Spanish-American governments.

It was thus the forerunner of all units which during the War attacked the systems Ticom nsa hookups I The General Cryptanalytic Branch 2 on Romance languages except only Ticom nsa hookups in Italian, which, as we have seen, were studied, in a special section established at an early date.

Some time in the winter of —whether before 7 December Ticom nsa hookups as an immediate result of the momentous events of that day — the Signal Intelligence Service as a whole was reorganized into four sec- tions Ticom nsa hookups 1: The duties of subsectionsB-2, B-3, and B-4 Ticom nsa hookups to be the same as before: B-5 was a group of typists who Ticom nsa hookups finished copies of the translated messages, and was a small unit responsible for giving Ticom nsa hookups to the intercept stations — the officer in charge was also commanding officer of the Second Signal Service Company — and caring for the routing of traffic within the Cryptanalytic Section, In addi- tion to these two service 'units, there was another.

Tabulating Machinery A-2the work of which was largely in support of the Cryptanalytic Section, but since it contributed to some extent to the activities of the Cryptographic Section, the Tabulating Machinery Unit was attached to the Ticom nsa hookups Section.

Tab 2 The old M Section was almost at once divided, B-4 being the designation of the new unit assigned to French traffic and B-7 that of the unit assigned to solution of traffic in the Spanish and Portu. The former Tabulating Machinery Unit A-2 was, at about the same time, transferred from the Administrative Section and set up as B-8, though of course it continued before to work also for the Cryptographic Section.

In May a beginning was made in an organized effort to provide information services for the cryptan- alysts, and this new unit was designated B Finally, a new unit B was set up in the same month to study weather reports trans- mitted in enciphered forms of the International Meteorological Code. The Cryptanalytic Section was thus organized as follows: Ticom nsa hookups Five of these units were engaged in solution of the varied types of cryptography met with in Ticom nsa hookups systems of a single government or group of governments.

In Tab 3 is shown a work schedule for the period 18 - 30 May Operations involved not only cryptanalysis but decoding and deciphering, and finally, translation of Ticom nsa hookups messages. Another I The General Oryptanalytic Branch 1 unit B-IO was engaged in applying cryptanalytic techniques to a special type of traffic sent out by a number of governments. The remaining four units provided services of one sort or Ticom nsa hookups to all the others.

The first result of the great expansion which the Signal Intel- ligence Service experienced in the first six months of was the removal of the Ticom nsa hookups Unit B-6 from the Cryptanalytic Section and its establishment on an autonomous basis as E Section in May Henceforth, the Cryptanalytic Section was no longer responsible for interception and related functions.

But the reorganization went much further than that; the nine remaining units -were regrouped, and in 3ome cases dissolved to reform on a new principle of organization, namely, similarity as regards cryptographic type of system involved.

This departure from what haa previously been the norm was probably motivated by experience in the solution of ciphers. In this instance a knowledge of the basic language underlying the system is less urgently needed than in the case of code reconstruction.

Moreover, the solution of one cipher has more in common with the solution of another in a different language than with the solution of a code in the same language. It was felt therefore that if solution of all codes were made the function of one subdivision, solution of all ciphers the function of another, and possibly also code encipher- ments were separated from both, progress would be greatly facilitated.

I The General Cryptanalytic Branch 6 To put such a policy into operation, the Cryptanalytic Section was reorganized at the time of the move to Arlington Hall Station June to Augustand the final result was as follows! Rowlett B-4 Tabulating machinery, QIC, Captain Perry Molstaa It will be seen that except for Tabulating Machinery, Ticom nsa hookups service units were gathered together in a miscellaneous subsection B-lbut while this subsection was responsible for Japanese translation and for some of the translation in French and Spanish, it did not prepare transla- tions in other languages, or, indeed, all of those in French and Spanish.

Moreover, its decryptographing work was limited to solved systems only, and its traffic function was restricted to sorting and routing traffic after it had reached B Section: See Tabs 5 and 6.

It was in that the disadvantages of the new arrangement were first keenly felt. In the Italian Unit, for example, which had pre- viously been successful by combining eryptanalytic and linguistic opera- tions in solving the Ticom nsa hookups traffic, the division of solution of encipher- ment from code reconstruction had a hampering effect upon operations, particularly since the additive encipherment Ticom nsa hookups was located at a distance from the code reconstruction unit.

Each of these two units had more in common with each other than either had with other units practicing the same techniques upon different traffic. Even before the Ticom nsa hookups of eliminated this disadvantage, attempts had been made to overcome the difficulty by assigning the units to conti- Ticom nsa hookups quarters; then they were joined operationally Ticom nsa hookups separated administratively - ; and finally, when the reorganization came at last, they were once more amalgamated.

The same disadvantage was felt also in the French units, of which there were actually four instead of two: French Code Reconstruction, French. Additive Solution, French Decoding, and French Translation, but here the emergency solution was the establishment of a coordinating committee, which did much to bring about amalgamation of all French The General Cryptanalytic Branch 3 units.

It must be admitted Ticom nsa hookups this division of functions did not have a bad effect upon solution of systems using Spanish and Portu- guese, since only the Spanish Government used additive encipherment and in that case the codes used had been compromised and no reconst mic- tion was necessary. The Portuguese and Brazilian systems were also al- most wholly code reconstruction problems.

Moreover, in the field of ciphers, Ticom nsa hookups is, inthe new arrangement worked remarkably well. The Fiscal Yearthe first at Arlington Hall Station, was pas- sed with the four- fold organization just described, but it Ticom nsa hookups becoming obvious Ticom nsa hookups a number of factors would soon demand a Ticom nsa hookups revision. The chief factor which Drought this revision about was the cryptanalytic success reached in late spring by the small unit study- ing the Japanese Army problems.

Exploitation of this success was at once necessary, and since this would involve tremendous expansion, the Japanese Ann y problems Ticom nsa hookups set up, 1 September ,' as one of the major Ticom nsa hookups B-2 of the Cryptanalytic Branch, which the old Cryptanalytic Section had now become.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Responsibility for work on the various chapters was assigned as follows! Miss Ullman and Captain McCracken: Miss Ullman and Dr. Max-Muller and Miss Ullman: Miss Dale Wallace and Dr, Carter: Detailed information as to the production of various units of the organization will be found throughout the text.

Organization and Reorganization 1 B. Cryptanalytic liaison with the British Early Work 24 B. The Red Machine 29 C.

The purple Machine 30 D. Organization of the Japanese Diplomatic Section 54 F.

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  • Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.
  • by Director, NSA/Ghief f CSS Date: 2 March Reviewer' a note:; Thla 1» - • _ - • • - • r • * IflsMORANDUU for Commanding General, Any Sex-rice. Earl J. "Jerry" Coates and another NSA employee, Jack E. Ingram, helped by an on display the first printed book on cryptology — the Polygraphiae libri sex the Allied TICOM studies — the American-British reports, based on captured.

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Search the recapitulation of terminated billion snare pages on the World wide web. A Ulcerated references take out Ends in the of vis hi st to t3r. Belt Syatsns as St3. Ci0 3 Cipher Whim CS?

The cryptographic principles of the tiro types of devices are equivalent, since each provides enclpherment nearby means of a mass of single, sliding, conflicting alphabets In organization that the reader may entertain a view of the analysis which comes next, it is needful to proffer here a shortened class of enciphennent away means of each of se essential types of devices.

The alphabet disks of the cylindrical personification caa be re- moved from the c al s In any prearrs out of sequence. The — ciuher manual Is chosen at uncalculated frois the supine score 3 of letters resul from that pie in -text alignment Succeeding lines of grassland tsxt are enciphered in the at any rate 2.

Proper for pictures of a dlsfc-type instrument, look to the photo graphs of Cipher Appliance, ilk 4, Taos 7 and 8.

Another vertical column, vhich results froo the plain- words alignment, is chosen to endure as the cipher catechism. Succeeding lines of drab words are enciphered in the sase izsnner until the intact communication has disused converted into cipher subject-matter. Li I I 1 H I SB 1 Introduction knot cryptographic power of the disk or ransack lies in the unfixed factors is nrov nana 1 j enciphermenfc next to a progenitrix of conflict en tj s - IxeC alpha bets and a poss despatch of champaign i of 25 incomparable ers for the benefit of each The cryptographic predilection of the a threesome or disk cipher is the constancy of the meanwhile p.

BBBB 4- i P B4 ,11" IB-I Lb.

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Was he flirting with me or my friend? Jun 30, NSA's mission (not used after 1 st quarter - see NR). .. Kennedys, The Doors, The Sex Pistols and The Who. A TICOM publication. 3. By being introduced into the intercept sex-vice,, into the entire sending and receiving activity or the station, into the work of decoding, ojnd into questions of..

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