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Sexuality and sexual adjustment of patients with chronic pain. A relationship was found between disability status, age and several psychological variables and. She sets out to argue that living our lives, as women with disabilities, in our bodies, are .. Sexual adjustment of spinal cord injured women. examine the impact of disability on sexuality as it relates to couple .. marital adjustment for couples was the number of recreational and social.

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A Beginners Guide to Searching the Sexual adjustment to disability. This is the second year in a row that the Disabled Women's Conference prior to the Society for Disability Studies has been planned entirely using the internet. Three organizers with a great Sexual adjustment to disability of allies planned and organized this one day event without ever meeting each other in person.

There were no phone calls or faxes- just emails and websites. As Sexual adjustment to disability we depended on the virtual community of women with disabilities to pass on the word about the event.

We want to thank Pat Chadwick and Stephen Dias for hosting the registration page on their disabilityhistory. Cal-Wild and Disability-Research list serves were both used to reach women with disabilities and participants in the SDS conference.

She provided printed and alternate format resources as well as pens and pencils for delegates. We will all be safer and more sexual due to their support! This year the Board of the Society for Disability Studies was particularly cooperative in sharing their resources. By allowing us to hold Sexual adjustment to disability event on the day before their event we were able to get use of hotel rooms and share local logistical support.

Another email to Judith Treesberg got us volunteer staff for the registration table and local recruitment of support. Our on-line community was very supportive!

Carol Gill, University of Illinois at Chicago Betty Jo Berland and Kate Seelman 4: We hope to have plenty of time between sessions to travel to the next room, use the bathroom, network or rest. However, we depend on sessions Sexual adjustment to disability and ending on time.

Please self-monitor and facilitate the maximum participation of all women. She is a student at Claremont Graduate University in California who could not attend the Claiming Our Sexual adjustment to disability Conference but who helped research, write and edit the resource guide.

Last years women's conference in Oakland, Changing Borders looked specifically at mentoring and peer support. It focused on networking, recognizing where we could help each other and learning from other women with disabilities. When Alison presented her excellent paper at the South Connecticut event we knew she would provide us with the introduction to this Resource Guide. Although we have edited her article slightly for length and have added the voice of "we" instead of only "I" where appropriate, we want her to get full credit for this insightful article.

We chose this paper as the Introduction because Alison bravely not in the patronizing sense of the word goes where few others have gone before. She sets out to argue that living our lives, as women with disabilities, in our bodies, are ways of resisting the powers that would make us feel inferior. Although Alison presented this paper at a conference about women with disabilities, she did so without having had the benefit of significant mentoring. Her analysis and the level of her understanding are very impressive for someone new to both the movement of women with disabilities and new Sexual adjustment to disability disability herself.

We think there are hundreds more Alisons out there, who are meeting their own challenges and succeeding in Sexual adjustment to disability their bodies. We encourage women who are already active in the equality seeking movements of people with disabilities, Deaf people, women, lesbians and bisexuals, and labor and peace activists to seek out and mentor women who are entering the movements as young, or old, women with disabilities.

We want to see a continuation of last year's theme of learning from each other. We have learned a great deal from Alison and hope you can too. This year, we focus on our bodies and the issues which impact us specifically as women, and as women with disabilities. Alison's article, with our editorialization, will frame the discussion of owning our differences -- physical and otherwise - to stake our claim to our bodies.

We celebrate with each other as sisters the bodies we live in-pain, fatigue, confusion and all! We welcome Alison and others like her to the movement and hope that this Resource Guide will lead you to important contacts and materials that will help you to claim your bodies and claim your lives as women with disabilities. We took a unique approach with Alison's paper.

Her original paper was shortened and then Tanis responded to each section. For clarity, we have posited it as a dialogue Sexual adjustment to disability two voices: Special thanks to Alison Kafer for letting us edit her article for use in this paper as Sexual adjustment to disability introduction.

We are very sorry you could not be here to participate physically! We hope to connect with you on line! Back to Table OF Contents. Strategies of resistance have been an integral part of feminist theory for a long time. Although such strategies have been configured differently according to the kinds of struggles present at a given time, they have consistently been waged at the site of the body. Feminist theorists have located resistance in the body in order to challenge injustices at the particular points where they are shown.

Since many economic and familiar discourses portray the female body as property owned by men, and legal, medical, and governmental discourses pathologize it as something to be controlled, feminist theorists continue to suggest that the female body itself functions as a potential site of resistance.

Because the bodies of women have been subject to violence at the hands of authorities, family members and partners it is particularly important that we take back our bodies and claim them as sites as resistance. It is equally important that we Sexual adjustment to disability not allow our differences, physical or mental, to be continually used as rationale for this violence or as rationalization for dismissing our claims of abuse. Having the opportunity to be healthy, and to have control over our reproductive health, as disabled women, is also an important way we defy the medical pathologizing and define our bodies as natural.

In this way, our own actions as women with disabilities, and in particular our sexual acts, reconstruct who we are as women in ways Sexual adjustment to disability allow us to Sexual adjustment to disability negative forces, and claim our bodies. In recent years feminist theorist like Jana Sawicki, bell hooks, Judith Butler, and Margrit Shidrick suggest that the experiences of marginalized groups, such as women, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered peoples, people with physical and mental disabilities, the poor and people of color comprise alternative discourses that challenge the hegemony of dominant ones.

Our "subjugated knowledges" or "reverse discourses" operate as forms of resistance because they positively prove the existence of people, bodies and experiences not found within the histories and narratives created by dominant groups in society. Our lives challenge the naturalness and rightness of the dominant discourses and categories such as race, gender, sex and disability. Resistance, then, can be understood as a contestation of the ways in which discursive practices classify and identify bodies and as a rejection of the dominant interpretation of our bodies.

To posit reverse discourses based on these experiences and knowledges is an exercise of power that can result in a profound shift in the way many people regard themselves and their place in society. Deaf people that's D capitalized on purpose have done this for many Sexual adjustment to disability by identifying their cultural Deafness as a positive trait, one that results in benefits for members.

More recently Sexual adjustment to disability people are starting to claim Disability as a characteristic that embodies pride Sexual adjustment to disability culture, and not shame or disadvantage.

As the Disability and Deaf arts grow, we see more evidence of self-expression coming from people who may been seen by the dominant discourses as in need of fixing, broken, less than whole, but who self-identify, and who experience, a positive feeling of pride and belonging. Whether conscious or not, this is a bold political act. Based on the concept of discursive resistance, I suggest that the bodies of women with disabilities serve as sites of resistance to the dominant discourses on the body.

Although many women with disabilities participate in disability-related activism, I am primarily concerned with the possibility of a resistance based in the disabled body itself rather than our Sexual adjustment to disability around access and rights. Expanding on theories established by writers like Judith Butler and Susan Wendell, I argue that bodies with disabilities singular or plural offer radical challenges to notions of what bodies are.

Our existence as, and in, bodies with disabilities, contests the naturalness of cultural notions of health, normality, control and independence. We embody the possibility of alternative conceptualizations of these Sexual adjustment to disability, as well as alternative ways of understanding bodily identity and value. While my intent is not to romanticize the experience of physical illness and disability, I do believe that they are an effective resource for struggles against patriarchal hegemony.

Our event, Claiming Our Bodies, is a gathering of women with diverse bodies, and minds. Our disabilities may Sexual adjustment to disability invisible yet profoundly affect the way we interact with our environments. For us, our bodies are not just the physical skin and tissues but the mental capacities, emotional abilities and cognitive actions that our bodies experience daily. Our claiming of sexuality, health and our struggle to end violence marks our reconceptualization.

We are not denying the body - which includes some pain and suffering whether due to violence, emotional trauma, discrimination or disability - but we are remaking our bodies and claiming them as true, as right, and as our own.

One of the most pervasive understandings of the body is that it is something that can and should be controlled. In this construction, the body's needs and processes, Sexual adjustment to disability as hunger, illness, pain and aging are experiences to be transcended, ignored or prevented altogether. This belief is evident in our cultural obsession with diet and exercise programs, alternative medicines and self-help books.

Such practices stem from our belief that illness or disability can be prevented or eliminated if one only tries hard enough. Leaving those who experience disability or chronic illness with a subtle and not so subtle societal guilt of having not done all that was possible. This blame is laid in ways which reinforce the myth that disability is something that can be controlled if one has Sexual adjustment to disability right, positive attitude and determination.

Although we do have control over certain aspects of our bodies, the widespread belief that we can ultimately control our health is misguided.

Susan Wendell calls this idea the myth of control describing it as "the belief that it is possible, by means of human actions to have the bodies we want and to prevent illness, disability and death. Wendell asserts the most powerful symbolic meaning of disability is the failure to control one's own body. From the spasticity of MS Sexual adjustment to disability the need for a respirator to my phantom pains, our experiences reveal that the disabled body is very rarely a perfectly controlled body.

More importantly however, they point to the impossibility that "any" body is a controlled body, regardless of disability. From aging to the flu, to acquired disability, non-disabled people are also susceptible to a loss of control. People with disabilities are frightening to able-bodied society because our lack of control is made visible across our flesh, reminding the able-bodied that they too, are susceptible to such chaos.

Alison chose to use the word able-bodied, even though we know there are people with disabilities who do have "able bodies" but who have specific learning disabilities, hidden health impairments or mental health related issues.

One of the issues we face is the very "invisibility" of disability which is presumed to need to be visible in order to be real. Her example of lack of control being made visible across our flesh could have easily and Sexual adjustment to disability accurately been, "lack of control being made invisible by our inability to read or made visible by the power of our emotions. As women with purple hair, or no hair, women with tattoos or body piercings, women who are fat or are very tall, we live in ways which visibly and invisibly question what can or should be controlled.

The fear of the uncontrolled body and mind connects to the cultural devaluation of dependence and overvaluation of independence - at least in North American Anglo-Saxon society. With the protestant ethic of work and struggle, independence is seen as a prerequisite to success, while dependence on others is characterized as weak, dysfunctional and inappropriate. This viewpoint is evident in the protestant saying that "God helps those who help themselves. Workplaces and social service systems select which value base to use and it seems that people who "pull themselves up by their own bootstraps" are valued more than those who depend on extended family or the Church to help them.

Our capitalist economy Sexual adjustment to disability neo-liberal ideology buttress our feelings of independence by masking the diverse sources of labor behind our products. We see ourselves as independent, even as we depend on workers and products from across the globe.

Children of wealthy upper class families are seen as independent as they graduate from high schools, to attend universities supported by their parents, even though throughout childhood they were raised and cared for by staff from Latin American or Caribbean countries. The notion of absolute independence, however, is fictitious.

Debra Connors writes, "independence does not truly reflect anyone's reality. As a species we are emphatically interdependent. Disabled people cannot be independent, not because we are pitiable or helpless but because we are human. We make visible the fact that independence is a relative concept that we are all dependent on other people at various points in our lives.

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Input were gathered from interviews conducted by the investigators with spinal cord injured outpatients from the Veterans Administration Hospital, Bronx, NY. The index of Earthy Adjustment was developed based on factors such as adaptation to sexual limitations, partner satisfaction, sexual self-concept, and regularity of reproductive contact.

The index was correlated with 21 variables permitting a description of significant factors which are related to successful rehabilitation. Higher scores on the index were significantly and positively associated with best physical function, higher straightforward with of income, the roles of worker and community participant, higher morale, maltreatment at an earlier grow older, younger current age, opinionated attitudes of self-acceptance and independence.

Abstinence from sensuous relations as a raise of adjustment is conjointly considered. Results of that study support the premise that sexual adjustment is related to psychologic, public and physical factors that are relevant for auspicious rehabilitation. These findings advance that sexuality is an integral part of the disabled person's personality and behavior and that putting right to disability includes a sexual dimension.

How do I stop being a ***** and a horrible person? examine the impact of disability on sexuality as it relates to couple .. marital adjustment for couples was the number of recreational and social. ing skills necessary to assist individuals in their sexual adjustments after disability. To some extent during the. s, the idea of sexual education for people..

  • psychological adjustment, sexual esteem and sexual behaviour of people with and without physical disability. A total of 11 96 participants completed the study. Sexuality and sexual adjustment of patients with chronic pain A relationship was found between disability status, age and several psychological variables and.

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