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Find and follow posts tagged gotnerd on Tumblr. ladcaracas rice-baller wecansexy i cant believe connie is a filthy homestuck EXCUSE YOU Gogle. Steven Universe Uploaded by Luggy · Donkey Kong Country. Find and follow posts tagged charlattea on Tumblr.

Should I make that clearer in the Rose the Witch post? Oh, and furthermore I'm about to edit this into Wecansexy lotr the Seerdid you note that the still-inverted Jade's dreamself in Jadesprite was in pain from the glare of the Green Sun, Wecansexy lotr main Jade handled it swimmingly? Then I came back from my unplanned extended Tumblr vacation, gradually Wecansexy lotr caught up on your theories over the past month or so, and found out that you had solved most of the b ig puzzles.

The Rose the Witch post got me thinking. I forgot about Jadesprite and the glare. Now, bear with me again. Recall the role table I theorized a while ago:. Rose inverted her role, wielding Wecansexy lotr Void aspect in lieu of Light. But the others follow dichotomies, too:. The Exploit classes, like the Knight, make the very most of the limited amount of their aspect they have or encourage others to do the same. God, grant me the serenity to accept Wecansexy lotr things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference.

To understand your aspect and to control and change it could be said to be a dichotomy. Analyzing it on paper on a broad scale, as opposed Wecansexy lotr getting your hands dirty Wecansexy lotr a specific instance. The Seer is a passive class who leverages a comprehensive understanding of their aspect. When Rose went grimdark, she was neither passive Wecansexy lotr understanding. The opposite, in fact. So was it the aspect alone that was inverted? Track art for Rustless Fall.

Read the follow-up post, Jade the Seer! I just looked over this pesterlogand noticed some interesting things…. Magic is fake, the wands Wecansexy lotr useless toys, and there is something else going on. Would it be s o difficult to believe a young lady could be unwittingly apprenticed by more powerful entities who meant her potential to be realized later through some arbitrary trigger?

What would you say if I said a Wecansexy lotr girl raised in the daylight was protected by a bulb-headed guardian, and learned to glow in the dark after death? Wecansexy lotr would you say if I said a vengeful boy on a path of nihilism was taken under the wings of fearsome angels, and Wecansexy lotr to destroy hope with their light? What would you say if I said a reserved girl enamored by what dwelt in shadow was selected by the horrorterrors for service, and did their bidding at every step while convinced of her own autonomy?

What would I say to those short fables? Meenahquest established that some jadebloods, including Kanaya and Porrim Wecansexy lotr the Dolorosa!

This pesterlog firmly established that Eridan was channeling his own classpect powers through Wecansexy lotr white science wand, destroying hope and using hope to destroy. How much of the grimdark! R ose episode can be attributed to Rose being overwhelmed by anger, vengeance, obsession and her unfamiliar Wecansexy lotr classpect powers? If a Page of Breath can grab things Wecansexy lotr wind tendrils, could a Witch of Void fight with thorny shadow tendrils?

If the aspect of Void governs mystery and the obfuscation of knowledge, could a player overwhelmed by Void powers have trouble speaking? If flashy Time powers can have clock and zodiac iconography, could flashy Void powers have oceanic and Horrorterror iconography? So Boots was asking if anyone had any theories about the symbols for Hope and Rage.

Hope is symbolized primarily Wecansexy lotr music, art, musical instruments and other tools of art and music:. Anyway, the alphabet was used out right in the show Sanctuary. Pink and green shipping goggles.

Calliope could wake her in her body tempo rarily? Is Rose in the bubble, or is Roxy getting pre-Scratch memories? Is Calliope going to start looking like her trollsona? Wait a minute, the last time someone looked out a window in a dream bubble an d saw an alienit turned into a date pretty quickly! She was raised by weird looking bug people. Her Aspect is associated with the Horrorterrors. As a Rogue of Void, she metaphorically trespasses into their domain, diving into the abyss to steal their horrific, unknowable alien essence for the benefit of her friends, like some kind of bizarro Prometheus.

Although Roxy and beta! Meanwhile, Karkat, Dave, Tavros and Meenah all have histories of cringing or flipping out over alien weirdness. Any of them could potentially flip out when Roxy introduces Calliope. Turning sets of periods into Wecansexy lotr and eating spaces! Turing easily machine-translated morse code into unintelligible gibberish!

Makes you think that perhaps Page is indeed the passive counterpart of the dark Knight after all. Three passive and three active classes per gender among the standard classes, the way it works Wecansexy lotr here.

Her shoes are red. Red compliments orange quite nicely. I did not expect that! I thought the colors of shoes formed a hidden pattern based on class, which was Wecansexy lotr reasonable idea at the time. After all, we had never seen two different god tiers with the same class at the time.

If you look closely enough, you can see that Aranea is wearing pointy baby blue slippers. Hussie has said Seers are passive, so we can assume Sylphs are passive. This would mean Maids are also active. Disregard the Wecansexy lotr soles on the bottom: That would confirm Passive Heirs! Aradia can indisputably be construed to fit that description. A Sylph of Space would be passive in comparison: This is… perhaps more of an even distribution.

Males would own a monopoly on De stroying and Wecansexy lotr ; Females would own a monopoly on Stealing and Repairing. Both of these choices make Wecansexy lotr sense. Then, the broadly applicable classes that Know and Change are split between males and females: I am three times more satisfied with this list!

A clarification from the-sad, since this was misunderstood by at least one person earlier: One is an active shoe color Wecansexy lotr the Wecansexy lotr is a passive shoe color. In this situat ion, the Sylph uses her ability to create mainly in order to mend the damaged, while the active Maid is more likely to create outright. Well at least a large chunk of it, that being Lord English, and what is Wecansexy lotr n store for Calliope and uu.

Then it hit me, the most passive character Hussie Wecansexy lotr ever made is Pickle Inspector from Problem Sleuth. Now here we see an example of a single character becoming a god, and then transforming into a horrible monster….

A musing god, and a loathsome beast. Bear with me here, I propose that Calliopes dead dream self seeing as PI only has this kind of power in the dream world will be able to go God Tier, and so become Muse of Wecansexy lotr, what will that allow her to do? Well, the other Pickle Inspectors that I mentioned earlier who went off to mess around with time? Well they returned to Godhead PI later in the story, who makes a request of them. That they split up and become all matter in the universe.

What I think a muse Wecansexy lotr, is just this more or less. Its fairly obvious that Calliope is representative of the fandom, though what if she literally is the fandom.

What does he want, the main villain- what Wecansexy lotr his goals? What does he hope to gain from all of this? Think about Homestuck, Wecansexy lotr the reality its set in, what other motives could an all powerful demon have?

Universal domination, possible, but unlikely seeing how easily a universe can be destroyed. Destruction of time and space? Maybe, but that seems a little useless for Hussies writing. What I propose is that, All of this, all of Lord Englishes moves are to kill us. The Wecansexy lotr, because we are Wecansexy lotr. Keep that in mind. But, yeah, this fucking post ties it all Wecansexy lotr. You, my friend, have cracked the code.

She ascends to passive godhood not god-tier, god as in the all-pervasive Godand he Wecansexy lotr to active demonhood. Through his eventual creation, Lord English embodies destruction, and through her eventual destruction, Calliope will embody creation. Way back when Andrew Hussie Wecansexy lotr his LE Factoids postI began to suspect that Lord English Wecansexy lotr a powerful female rival beyond his reach, probably affiliate d with Skaia, Bilious Slick and the hypothetical SBURB programmers, definitely someone who did something really important although, back then I assumed that this mysterious important thing was banishing Lord English and restricting his ability to enter universes.

But I missed the GPI connection. And being the Homestuck equivalent of GPI would probably make her the most important character in Homestuck, as well as placing her Wecansexy lotr a position to fondly regard the miracle of a new beginning. First one he ever meteh? In his entire life?

Pale Porn Star fic. Everyone knows Kittentits Vantass—well, everyone old enough to understand the cultural norm that is the romantic four square. His knack for intimate conciliation with overwhelming charm has earned him a name for himself. Yes, the illustrious Vantass has become a renown sensation for his pale allure, a sultry sensual voice for the pining moirail. His exquisite centrefold spreads draw you in with empathetic doe eyes that beg for your trust and outstretched hands that ache to console your deepest distress and wring out the pain.

You find yourself hopelessly taken in by his sweet, disarming countenance, his smile knowing. You have a moirail. You scan the three page sprawl with mounting excitement, drinking in every welcoming curve. You immediately try to stash the magazine but Feferi snatches it out of your now clammy grip and coos at the cover.

Skip to content Advertisements. I think this page is when I fell thoroughly in love with Karkat omg. You would be lost forever without him.

Should I let slip that clearer in the Rose the Witch post? Oh, and furthermore I'm about to edit that into Termagant the Vaticinator , did you note that the still-inverted Jade's dreamself in Jadesprite was in vexation from the glare of the Preservationist Sun, whereas main Slattern handled it swimmingly? When I came back from my discourteous extended Tumblr vacation, piecemeal got caught up on your theories over the past month or so, and ground out that you had solved greater of the b ig puzzles.

The Rose the Witch shaft got me thinking. I forgot close by Jadesprite and the dirty. Now, display with me again. Deny the post table I theorized a while ago:. Rose inverted her impersonation, wielding the Void orientation in lieu of Simplify. But the others accept dichotomies, too:.

The Attainment classes, comparable the Knight, make the very big end of the limited amount of their aspect they have or encourage others to do the identical.

  • One among critical components of determination escape vulnerable these video perseverings is sooner than checking the be biased of the lotto system.

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  • ladcaracas rice-baller wecansexy i cant believe connie is a filthy homestuck EXCUSE YOU Gogle. Steven Universe Uploaded by Luggy · Donkey Kong Country.
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  • 1godir.info . I am like--we seriously are not expecting the Last Supper or the LotR trilogy here! it . trace excalibur: We can Sexy sometimes i remember TG: how old are you GC: 6 TG: goddamn and i cant stop laughing to myself my favourite.
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  • Find and follow posts tagged charlattea on Tumblr. Find and follow posts tagged gotnerd on Tumblr.

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How to meet older men? Tag: that time Karkat had a panic attack. wecansexy: baysalt: I think this page is when I fell thoroughly in love with Karkat. omg. Advertisements. x Legolas Tharanduil Elrond comic shipping Lord of the Rings The Hobbit. Text . December 19, 2, notes. bladekindeyewear: yoccu: wecansexy..


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