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DESCRIPTION: The evolution of Tantra into the dominant spiritual power in Indian life coincided with the growth of a terrible, destructive menace on India's north-west frontier.

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Sexual health can be improved naturally thru the tantric sex. Besides sharing a strong body/mind/spirit connection, every loving couple should also enjoy. Kapalikas are tantric saivites. are known to cover themselves in cremation ashes and perform rituals using sexual fluids, alcohol, and blood;. To think of Tantra only in terms of sexual rites is a gross oversimplification. Is it really healthy to surrender to a guru. spiritual teachers. that they are always .. The term Kapalika can be translated as bearer of the Skull-Bowl. limping. the.

The evolution of Tantra into the dominant spiritual power in Indian life coincided with the growth of a terrible, destructive menace on India's north-west frontier. At the beginning of the eighth century, when Arab power was supreme from Morocco to Sindh, in India the numerous inheritors of imperial Gupta glory were engaged in internecine conflicts, and Indian culture was in a state of decay.

The old dispensation was vitiated, society taking refuge in inflexible caste rules and regulations; and as form and procedure governed social life, so ritual dominated religion and scholasticism the academics.

There was no vital, united society to meet the threat of the fanatical Islamic armies who wreaked burning, pillage and massacre, and who were a new kind of enemy, compelling Islam or the sword. As a stream of Buddhist refugees brought tales of the destruction of Buddhist Central Asia to India, Tantra was increasing its influence, particularly in Oddiyana, the front-line state, and also in eastern India, where a new power, the Buddhist Pala Dynasty, was emerging.

Was it coincidence that India took refuge in Tantra with its uncompromising non-dualist metaphysics, its school of spontaneous liberation, and its fierce flesh-eating, blood-drinking deities, during a period of incipient doom? Is it a further coincidence that, after rejecting Tantra for centuries, the West finds it increasingly acceptable as the notion of mankind's extinction become credible?

Nearly four centuries passed between ADwhen Sindh S. Pakistan was conquered, and the end of the twelfth century when the Buddha's Tree of Enlightenment was finally desecrated by Turkish soldiers. Some critics maintain that the final blossoming of pure Hindu civilization between the eighth and twelfth century was the most magnificent achievement of India's cultural history. During that period Tibet embraced Buddhist Tantra and Kapalika tantra sexual health main part of the Buddhist tantric canon was translated into the Tibetan language, thus saving it from incineration in the great Indian libraries.

Java was colonized and the great stupa at Borobodur was built. Although most of the artistic achievement at home was destroyed by the Muslims, the scripture of the Pala Empire Bengal, Bihar, Orissa and Assamthe ruins of the great academics Kapalika tantra sexual health by the Pala Emperors, and the temples of Khajuraho, bear witness to the Kapalika tantra sexual health of tantric art.

The eighty-four siddhas, whose lives and practices are described in these legends, were the siddhas who practiced the Buddhist Tantra, as opposed to the Tantra of devotees of Siva saivas or the Tantra of the worshippers of the Great Mother saktas. The number eighty-four is a "whole" or "perfect" number. Thus the eighty-four siddhas can be seen as archetypes representing the thousands of Kapalika tantra sexual health and Kapalika tantra sexual health of the tantric way.

The siddhas were remarkable for the diversity of their family backgrounds and the dissimilarity of their Kapalika tantra sexual health roles. They were found in every reach of the social structure: Some Kapalika tantra sexual health these siddhas were iconoclasts, dissenters and anti-establishment rebels fulfilling the necessary function of destroying the rigidity of old and intractable customs and habits, so Kapalika tantra sexual health spontaneity and new vitality could flourish.

Obsessive caste rules and regulations in society, and religious ritual as an end in itself, were undermined by the siddhas' exemplary free-living. The irrelevance of scholastic hairsplitting in an academic language, together with a host of social and religious evils, were exposed in the poets' wonderful mystical Kapalika tantra sexual health written in the vernacular tongues, They taught existential involvement rather than metaphysical speculation, and they taught the Kapalika tantra sexual health of living in the world but not of it rather than ascetic self mutilation or monastic renunciation, The siddhas are Kapalika tantra sexual health by a lack of external uniformity and formal discipline.

Under the generous patronage of the Pala Emperors in the eastern Indian empire, where the majority of the siddhas lived, the revolution became the establishment. The great academies of Vikramasila and Somapuri were built, and the ancient monastic establishment at Nalanda was extensively enlarged.

The militancy of the siddha-poets decrying empty ritualism, charlatanism, specious philosophizing, scholasticism, hypocrisy and the caste system is less apparent during Naropa's period in the eleventh century. The attitudes and precepts of Tantra became more socially acceptable after generations of siddhas in positions of temporal power had influenced people and events on many levels. From the beginning, Tantra's flexibility permitted initiates like Lilapa to retain their secular status, wealth and pleasure, and this principle of tolerance and inclusiveness was a significant factor Kapalika tantra sexual health the appeal of the doctrine; as the millennium approached the increasing hedonism could be used as a path to spiritual liberation.

However, the ideal of spiritual anarchism, the attitude Kapalika tantra sexual health precluded attachment to religious forms, prevailed, and in its esoteric, yogic form, Tantra remained the preserve of initiates into the lineage, and no institutionalism compromised their spirit of existential freedom.

Tantra took centuries to come out if its closet. Its history up to the era of the siddhas can only be conjecture, Kapalika tantra sexual health it appears that originally, in the guise of fertility cults, it belonged to the pre-Aryan, tribal worshippers of the Mother Goddess, and later, also, to the low castes and out-castes of Hindu society.

A corpus of sympathetic and imitative magic for a variety of mundane purposes such as healing became part of the various tantric cults. Then over the centuries, as they became "sanskritized" and more sophisticated, these cults assimilated brahmanical deities, their rituals and the principles of Kapalika tantra sexual health. Later still, Upanishadic philosophy, Patanjali's Yoga-sutras and principles of mahayana Buddhist philosophy Kapalika tantra sexual health assimilated, and a crucial transformation was accomplished - a body of ritual magic became a soteriological system with liberation from human suffering as its aim.

Whether the Kapalikasor a similar sect of primitive saiva Tantra, or heretical Buddhist monks, formed the first lineage of Tantra as Kapalika tantra sexual health know it, is not known, but in the fourth or fifth century, a need arose for order and consistency in the system, and this could only be achieved by committing to palm leaf manuscript what until then had been purely oral transmission.

The Manjusrimulakalpa contained a body of mahayana lore and also the basic father-tantra mandala of the Five Dhyani Buddhas; but the Guhyasamaja-tantra is considered to be the Kapalika tantra sexual health of the root-tantras describing yoga techniques as well as the mandalas, mantras and rites associated with the propitiation of a particular deity and his retinue, in this case Guhyasamaja.

This tantra was probably compiled in the sixth or seventh century, not reaching its final form until Indrabhuti "revealed" it in the eighth century. The eighth and ninth centuries saw the revelation of most of the major tantras, particularly the mother-tantras, incorporating many elements from the saktaGoddess-worshipping cults.

When the scriptural tantras were written down, Tantra could no longer be kept secret. There were many reasons for secrecy, perhaps the most important being the need to avoid the hostile propaganda of brahmin orthodoxy. One of Kapalika tantra sexual health appeals was its catholic tolerance in initiating members of all castes and both sexes, a practice that militated against the priestly supremacy of the brahmins.

Practices such as meat-eating, drinking liquor, and in some sakta-influenced tantras, sexual intercourse between untouchables and twice-born initiates, were abhorrent to the brahmins. One of the achievements of the siddhas was to make Buddhist Tantra socially acceptable, but although the exoteric forms of Tantra comprised the religion of the masses, the orthodox have retained their hostility until this day.

In the same way that Buddhism had attracted India's greatest minds to its past forms, amongst the siddhas were men Kapalika tantra sexual health the ability to write great commentaries on the tantras, in the process interpreting ambiguity in terms consistent with mahayana ethics and principles, excising all traces of gross practices that carried a stigma.

Before describing the yogas and the teaching of these spiritual adventurers and multi-facetted adepts called siddhas, it will be helpful to define several Sanskrit words that remain untranslated throughout the work, words that have no English equivalents. The first word is siddha itself. Literally a siddha is a practitioner of Tantra who is successful in attaining the goal of his meditation. This achievement is known as siddhi. Thus siddha could be rendered "saint," "magus," "magician," "adept;" but these words are feeble, failing to evoke the originality of the siddhas' tantric life-style.

For the uninitiated Indian the word siddha evokes magical power above all; if a yogin can walk through walls, fly in the sky, heal the sick, turn water into wine, or even levitate and read minds, he deserves the title siddha. If that same yogin has a crazy glint in his eye, Kapalika tantra sexual health himself with ashes, moves himself or others to tears with his song, calms street mongrels by his presence, tears a faithful woman from her family, wears a vajra - a symbol of immutability - in his yard-long hair-knot, eats from a skull-bowl, talks with the birds, sleeps with lepers, upbraids demagogues for moral laxity, or performs with conviction any act contrary to convention while demonstrating a "higher" reality, then he is doubly a siddha.

Common people impressed by appearances have no conception of Kapalika tantra sexual health siddha's esoteric aim - Mahamudra - and cannot know that a siddha may also be an inconspicuous peasant, an office worker, a king, a monk, a Kapalika tantra sexual health or a tramp. The Sanskrit word sadhana can be translated as "spiritual discipline. In fact, sadhana is his whole life, and to the degree that his life is not integrated into his sadhana he breaks the pledge he swore at the time of his initiation, which was based on his intention to selflessly devote his entire being to the non-dual, gnostic enlightenment experience and to others.

The Tibetan form of the word sadhana T. The invariable goal of these siddhas' sadhanas is mahamudrasiddhi. Siddhi has already been defined as "power," and power is of two types: The latter is synonymous with mahamudra-siddhi, which is nothing less than the Buddha's enlightenment. The easiest way of dealing with the vague and overworked word "enlightenment" is to define it as the attainment of the ultimate mystical experience of the oneness of all things, the non-dual cognition of ultimate reality, clear light, gnostic awareness - the dissolution of the individuated personality in the universal mind.

The Buddha's enlightenment is specifically defined as coincident with a vast, empathetic, self-sacrificial, social sensibility - love, in fact. The mahayana explains "Buddha" in Kapalika tantra sexual health of three "bodies" or rather three modes of being: While the term Mahamudra is usually found embedded in highly abstruse metaphysical jargon, in the mother-tantra it is synonymous with an essential symbol for ultimate reality, the vulva, and it is useful to bear that meaning in mind.

Mahamudra-siddhi is invariably accompanied by mundane siddhi, though not vice versa, and mundane siddhi is conventionally defined as attainment of the eight great siddhis, the six extra-sensory powers and the four transformative modes of action. The great powers, are enumerated differently in the various traditions, sometimes as seven, sometimes as eight.

The siddhis that Nagabodhi attained from Nagarjuna in these legends were the power to pass through matter, power to wield the enchanted sword of awareness, the powers of creation and annihilation materialization and de-materializationthe powers to dispense the pill of third eye vision and the eye-salve of omniscience, the power of speedwalking, and power to perform the alchemy of immortality.

The language of this list may be interpreted literally or figuratively, according to faith and understanding. Thus the power to walk through walls can be explained literally as a siddha's magical feat Kapalika tantra sexual health induce faith in the credulous, or figuratively to demonstrate, for instance, the nature of reality as a dream, an illusion, an hallucination, where all things are experienced as light and space. Lastly, what makes these siddhis great is their use as technical aids to mahamudra-siddhi in sadhana, though it is stretching a point to include the Lama's vaunted power of speed-walking in the above list.

The six extra-sensory powers are mental powers of the same order as the great siddhis but they are couched in psychological terminology. Thought reading and memory of past lives need no explanation; clairaudience is "the divine ear" by which all languages including those of birds Kapalika tantra sexual health animals can be understood, from near and far; clairvoyance, "the divine eye," as astral vision, especially implying intuition of another's suffering; ability to perform miracles includes manipulation of the elements, flight, and walking on water, and so on; finally, ability to arrest and extinguish emotivity, which leads to nirvana.

These, again, are all powers that Kapalika tantra sexual health be used to expedite mahamudra-siddhi for oneself or Kapalika tantra sexual health. Fleeting knowledge of such powers as clairaudience Kapalika tantra sexual health thought-reading is accessible to beginners Kapalika tantra sexual health concentration meditation, for instance; but to evoke such powers at will during post-meditation experience, however, is an actual sign of success in sadhana.

The transformative modes of action - pacification, enrichment, control and destruction -employ the eight great siddhis, the extrasensory powers and every possible skillful means to calm the mind, one's own or another's, endow it with enriching qualities, control or manipulate it for beneficial purpose, or eliminate it.

The means of effecting these four techniques of altering consciousness should arise spontaneously out of a siddha's realization, for he is powerless if action depends upon discursive thought. The immediate intuition and accomplishment of these four modes are represented by four Dakinis, who must be propitiated.

Samsara has herein usually been left untranslated. Kapalika tantra sexual health, samsara is the frustrating cycle of rebirth through the human realm, heaven and hell, and the animal and spirit realms, determined by one's own previous actions, or karma. Esoterically, samsara is the whirligig of mind, toned by various Kapalika tantra sexual health successive complex emotional states, conditioned by thought, described in terms of the penetrating psychology of the six realms.

In psychological terms, samsara is "anxiety," which all will admit to more or less, although only acute anxiety is recognized as a state that should be treated - by a priest, a psychiatrist, or an analyst. Psychosis, paranoia and delusions of grandeur, schizophrenia and neurosis, are all terms germane to description of the realms of samsara; according to Buddhist analysis, all of humanity is to some degree psychotic, or at best alienated, until release is attained.

Whether viewed in terms of transmigration, the unsatisfactory human condition, anxiety or neurosis, samsara is what all people sometimes, and some people always, wish to escape. Buddhism is primarily concerned with techniques of escape from samsara to nirvana; where the word "release" or "liberation" is used in a Buddhist context, it always refers to release from samsara.

The siddhas developed their own methods of release, which can be characterized as quick, democratic, demanding and dangerous. Nirvana is a continuum of emptiness. The literal meaning of the word Tantra is rarely implied in common usage.

It means "thread," "continuity" or "warp and woof. Since only the self-evident and sensational elements of Tantra - ritualism, sex and magic - are widely known, the common associations of the term are unbalanced and misleading. Of the four classes of Buddhist Tantra there is no space here to deal with the similar but different Hindu Tantrathe two lower levels Kapalika tantra sexual health predominantly ritualistic and to a large extent concerned with attainment of temporal goals and magical powers.

The higher levels of Tantra do involve ritual meditation, but in the supreme Tantra anuttarayoga-tantra which leads to mahamudra-siddhi, ritualism per se is rejected. The eighty-four paradigms of tantric practice given in these legends describe non-ritualistic meditation. Although sex is renounced in orthodox Buddhism, in Tantra it is accepted as a valid means by which Mahamudra can be attained.

The delusion that all tantric yoga is sexual yoga is fostered by Kapalika tantra sexual health tantras' frequent use of sexual analogy, metaphor and symbol to describe psychic processes. To understand the metaphysical content of the siddhas' teaching it is useful to look at the scriptural tantras. All tantric literature is based upon what are known as the root-tantras.

Each of these texts deals with practices associated with a particular deity. Thus the deities Guhyasamaja, Cakrasamvara, Hevajra, Mahamaya and Yamari, as the most important deities associated with the siddhas, each pertain to a root-tantra that describes a mandala in terms of a divine entourage of psychic powers that comprise the Guru's mind, the creative and fulfillment modes of meditation, subsidiary rites fire sacrifice, extensive feasts and offeringsdetailed description of symbology and ingredients for symbolic offerings, and other sections specific to the individual tantra, Lack of definitions and explanations necessitated the vast commentarial literature that grew up subsequently.

But the root-tantras and their commentaries are practical manuals, and nowhere do we find a structured metaphysical model of mind and the universe, or an analysis of the soteriological functions of tantra-yoga. Metaphysical definitions must be deduced from the tantras' symbology and mandalas, and so on.

In a non-dual philosophy absolute reality is everyday Kapalika tantra sexual health, which is unutterable: Nevertheless, this ineffable absolute, represented as yantrasmandalas and deities, was their obsession, and the dynamo generating superhuman power, energy and realization.

They had no concept of it and no knowledge of it; it cannot be conceived and the temporal mind cannot comprehend it.

Is he trying to tell me something here? A tantric relationship is a balanced, healthy, sexual. In the popular mind, Tantra has become equivalent to sex. total commitment, practitioners of Tantra Yoga risk their sanity and XV Preface health. The name kapalika means "skull bearer" and refers to the custom of these initiates to carry..

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The Eighty-four Mahasiddhas and the Path of Tantra

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Tantra was first systematized by Lord Shiva, also called Sadashiva, who was an enlightened yogi living in the Himalayas more than years ago. Tantra had its origin in India and South Asia. Shiva was born and brought up in an environment of Tantra, although it was not classical Tantra. He was the original propounder of Tantra, collecting, developing and systematizing all its branches.

Abandoned or erotic tantra, as the position "tantra" is commonly mistakenly associated to in the West, is not a part of the original tantra nor of the Shaivita or Shakta tantra tradition. In the tantric tradition of Himalayas the holy aspirant is screamed a sadhaka, and he practices sadhana. Sadhana signifies the effort through which a person becomes completely realized. In the tantric convention the spiritual controlling, the Guru Swami, Guide , plays a special function.

Through devotional practices however, the divine path is compared to the all-round struggle of a blooming flower. Tantrism doesn't exclude aspects of the kind experience. It is true that sex imagery is mere prominent in Tantric iconography. Images of naked deities in sexual embrace are common. This stands in marked opposition to most other spiritual traditions, where sexual imagery is conspicuously absent.

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  • Mention Tantra to most people, and they will invariably think of sex-magic. Is it really healthy to “surrender” to a guru, spiritual teacher, therapist? Are .. It seems that yogis of the Kapalika sect were somewhat feared, having a reputation .
  • Sexual health can be improved naturally thru the tantric sex. Besides sharing a strong body/mind/spirit connection, every loving couple should also enjoy. Hope, this clarifies that Tantra is not primarily about sexuality as . In addition, Tantra also taught Kapalika meditation to many sanyásins. their complementary benefits to health and for preparing body/mind for meditation.
  • Kapalikas are tantric saivites. are known to cover themselves in cremation ashes and perform rituals using sexual fluids, alcohol, and blood;. In other words, Tantra in the West is the encounter of 'sacred sex' as determined Kapalikas, Kalamukhas, Aghoris and so on, Tantra emerged as the path that.
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  • Whether the Kapalikas, or a similar sect of primitive saiva Tantra, or heretical Buddhist . The delusion that all tantric yoga is sexual yoga is fostered by the tantras' .. or may be a perfectly healthy poet, craftsman or contemplative; but the mind.

Kapalikas are tantric saivites. are known to cover themselves in cremation ashes and perform rituals using sexual fluids, alcohol, and blood;. In other words, Tantra in the West is the encounter of 'sacred sex' as determined Kapalikas, Kalamukhas, Aghoris and so on, Tantra emerged as the path that. Whether the Kapalikas, or a similar sect of primitive saiva Tantra, or heretical Buddhist . The delusion that all tantric yoga is sexual yoga is fostered by the tantras' .. or may be a perfectly healthy poet, craftsman or contemplative; but the mind.

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