The Callaway Big Bertha Fusion FT-3 Driver is a cc multi-material breakthrough driver designed to deliver the ultimatum in high performance. I own one with a draw bias, which really helps to iron out the dreaded slice. The tepid gray-black-yellow color scheme of the ERC Fusion is left behind for a shiny black and orange palette on the FT For more information visit www. Get fitted for this club and send your drives for miles.

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This gives the FT-3 a very sturdy appearance, as if a more standard-looking driver had lifted weights and bulked up a bit. A great buy to shave points off your game. As with many of us, I have relied and become comfortable with my irons but couldnt find that long and straight tee shot I was looking for to set me up for a good second shot. Neutral for maximum workability; Draw for reducing a slice or fade and promoting a draw; or Fade for reducing a hook and promoting a fade or straight ball.

Pricey but worth every penny if it hits the fairway a long way down! Launching a series of high, long drives with an FT-3 can definitely make a round of golf more fun. It was a big part of my win.

They can choose from three Center of Gravity CG choices: Each model has three different varieties: If you are trying to fix a slice, go for the Tour model with a stiff shaft. Skip to main navigation.

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion FT-3 Driver Review

Can I hit it low? This club keeps growing on me. This is by far and away the best driver ever made in my eyes. Write your review You must enter a review of between and characters.


Given the huge array of lofts and weight positions, the FT-3 should appeal to nearly any type of golfer. Callaway Golf designers and engineers — as well as touring pros — agree that the FT-3 gives golfers the chance to hit the ball longer than with any other driver the Company has made.

I expect my game to better drastically and have more fun playing.

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion FT 3 Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – reviews –

I would be interested in whether the draw model actually will help a high handicap player. You can feel the higher kick point and low torque in the shaft at work.

The club isnt the only thing that i love though, callaway customer service is by far the BEST in the business. The driver had a cc head that was, with the exception of an aluminum soleplate and internal tungsten weights, made entirely of carbon composite. Although it’s now about years old – what a club it really does fly.

The Tour version dispenses of the chevron on the crown, which is a first for a club carrying the Big Bertha name.

Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved. But it was a bit too cutting-edge for the public, ft-33 stayed away from the driver due to its muted sound and light feel. My tendency on my misses was to hit down too much, elevate too much and impart too much spin.


If you can see past the callaway thump then berthaa will find a very good piece of kit that hits it miles. Even when I knew my hips rotated too much, or my head pulled up slightly the ball hangs on.

Conclusion For the first time since the ERC II five years ago, Callaway Golf has a driver that stands out from everything else in terms of design and performance. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Breaking Out of a Slump. It is a shame that callaway have stopped making them: I actually liked the exposed carbon look of the cllaway club, but every other design change is a major step forward in appearance. Each model of the FT-3 — and there are several — uses dense internal weights around the perimeter of the clubhead to further stabilize the clubhead and customize the desired ball flight.

The hitting area has a brushed finish and three rows of scorelines framing the smooth sweet spot, and the sides and bottom of the cup face sport a high-polish mirror finish.