Notice how they have a common, lobby induced theme:. State Department claimed that up to , Kosovars had been killed by Serbian forces in acts of ethnic cleansing in the province. The vote was to 2 U. Précédent Ela mabghatni – ntia mataarfich lhob – hayd awa men lbab Ermi le7zan Erradouni Fatma Ferak lehbab Fin ghada – zawya hwawi Galbi atitou lik Galbi seknatou Galt lik ji ou ma jiti Gelsi belati Suivant. In particular tritium cannot be filtered, it accumulates in the food chain, and it causes brain tumors, congenital malformations, and many other cancers and it remains radioactive for years. Media reports of a plan for thousands of water shut-offs seriously contradict the official corporate narrative involving the situation in the city.

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Mais cette offensive sur les terres ne se fait pas sans dérapages. Four years later at age 21 Hillary had shifted allegiance to Eugene McCarthy, the antiwar candidate of the Democratic Party. They point to Black Lives Matter, and environmental activists — as well as advocacy groups from the right — who see getting money out of politics as the first step in enacting change. In addition, the international debt crisis is reemerging in Africa due to the fall in oil, natural gas, strategic minerals and other commodity prices. Funds are channelled through the mothers of poor and working-class families. In the s, deindustrialization, the horrors of Vietnam, the OPEC crisis, and stagflation set off a powder keg of opinion that the U. The Israeli oil project in this area is expected to face opposition from the Palestinian government because the site is part of the Palestinian territory in the West Bank, which is classified as Area C under the Oslo accords.

Un pays ne se fait pas dicter ses décisions par des groupes de pression.

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Toutefois, aussi bien les déclarations de Pattama que celles de Yingluck Marri sont des mensonges avérés, qui plus est aisément vérifiables.

Ceci démontre que les déclarations de Pattama et Yingluck sont des mensonges patentés, et constituent une preuve supplémentaire de la nature de leur objectif et des moyens employés pour y parvenir, tout jadarmiay faisant toute la lumière sur la raison pour laquelle le gouvernement actuel se bat aussi férocement pour empêcher cette machine de guerre politique de revenir au pouvoir. Ences bandes de voyous incluaient terroristes lourdement armés, agitant des AK47, des M16, des grenades et même des lance-roquettes.

Article original en anglais: Il est un collaborateur du Centre de Recherche dur la Mondialisation. This is nothing more than a class war to pave the mari for a return of the Blairites to lead Labour. When Hitler won his election in his policy then was that Jews should be moved to Israel. He was supporting Zionism before he went mad and ended up killing six million Jews. But what he is saying is, in essence, true.

He could have gone further, in fact. They saw the Jews as a race apart. It is full of profound insights. I would make a further point. It is also obvious that the true target of the post is the US, not Jews or even Israel — making the anti-semitism claim even more ridiculous.

Our Corbyn is Bernie Sanders. Meanwhile, what are the Blairite-Israel lobby creeps up to in the UK? Because of these people; because they fill any sane, normal person with revulsion. Here is this Muslim woman MP who is trying to integrate Muslims into British political life, and to set by her own person an example both to British society at large and to the Muslim community writ small.

She is, by all accounts from her constituents, a respected and honourable person. You can only imagine how proud her parents, her siblings, must be. How proud the Muslim community must be. These power hungry creeps are creating new hate by their petty machinations. Or the terrorist bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, in which 92 died. It was a catastrophe that was authorised by a then newly established minority United Nations Nardi, after WW2, that wanted to rid Europe of its thousands of stateless, Jewish survivors from the Nazi Holocaust.

For Europe and America it was advantageous; for Palestine it was an unmitigated tragedy that dispossessedinnocent people in the name of political expediency. That jadarmmiya still persists today, more than half a century later.


And is hamiv denied by those who caused it. There are, however, others who do admit it the ethnic-cleansing but, in defence, maintain it was balanced by the subsequent expulsion of Mzrdi communities from other Muslim countries. Les lecteurs et les organisations de presse étrangères me demandent le sens du hamjd de politique étrangère de Donald Trump. En surface, son discours est contradictoire. Les personnes nommées par un président doivent être confirmées par le Sénat, une entité contrôlée par de puissants intérêts privés.

En outre, les présidents ne sont souvent pas informés des opérations secrètes. Un événement sous faux drapeau pourrait être fomenté pour envoyer Trump dans la direction souhaitée par le complexe militaro-industriel ou Israël. Hamiv par Hervé, relu par Diane pour le Saker Francophone. A tali ragioni se ne aggiungono altre, di cui poco o niente si parla: Quali siano lo dice lo U.

Il progetto di Washington è chiaro: Il primo passo per realizzare tale jadarmuya è stato quello di creare una frattura tra Unione europea e Russia.

Nel luglio si aprono a Washington i negoziati per il Ttip, che stentano a procedere per contrasti m;3 interesse tra gli Usa e le maggiori potenze europee, ell quali la Russia offre vantaggiosi accordi commerciali.

La Nato sotto comando Usa, di cui fanno parte 22 dei 28 paesi Ue, intensifica le esercitazioni militari oltre nel soprattutto sul fronte orientale.

Lancia allo stesso tempo, con unità aeree e forze speciali, jadarrmiya militari in Libia, Siria e altri paesi del fronte meridionale, connesso con quello orientale.

Le maggiori potenze, in particolare Francia e Germania, stanno ancora contrattando. Triggered by the coordinated publication jasarmiya the photograph of a young Kurdish child, Aylan Kurdi, drowned on a Turkish beach on jadariya 3rd SeptemberEuropean public opinion mobilised and mounted various demonstrations in favour of the refugees. Only the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, spoke out against this sudden and massive migration.

hamid el mardi jadarmiya 2008 mp3

Until then, the question of migration had been an economic problem, mainly between Africa and Italy. This was added to a problem internal to the Union — the demand of German heavy industry, expressed by its President Ulrich Grillo, of recruiting to GermanyEast European workers who did not belong to the Schengen Area.

Overnight, the problem of the humanitarian refugees fleeing a war zone was added to these two economic factors. The first concrete proposition for responding to the new situation was formulated on the 17th September by the ESI, a think tank created in Berlin, and then clarified on the 4th October. It concerned the drawing up of an agreement between the EU and Turkey designed to stem the tide of migrants, while organising the transfer ofSyrian refugees to the Union over the next twelve months.

In addition, Turkey would agree to take back the other migrants who continued to enter the Union illegally, while in exchange, it would receive a visa dispensation for all its citizens. In addition, by proposing to send back the migrants to Turkey, the ESI seems to ignore that this country is not a stable state for refugees, and that it had refused to sign the Convention of On the 12th November, independent of the emergency provoked by the hordes of migrants gathering in the Balkans, the Union organised a summit in Valetta to try to answer the structural question of economic migrations from Africa.

It was agreed to create a special fund of 1. On the 29th November, the Union organised another summit of the European Council, this time with Turkey. However, an envelope of aid to Turkey was added, to the sum of 3 billion Euros. The Council justified this sudden generosity as aid for the accommodation of the Syrian refugees who, until then, had cost Turkey 8 billion dollars — but there was no plan to pay an equivalent sum to Lebanon and Jordan, who together have hosted more Syrian refugees than Turkey.

Yet the Council pretends to ignore that Turkish spending has already been reimbursed by the UNO, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and that Turkey has systematically looted the North of Syria —dismantling machine-tools and stealing antique treasures— for infinitely greater sums.

And finally, the majority of the 2. In reality, Germany and France, who pushed for the creation of this donation, intend in this way to indirectly finance the continuation of the war against Syria, which will — according to them — put an end to the suffering of the refugees by overthrowing the Syrian Arab Republic.


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He defended the principle of a closer and more direct cooperation between Germany and Turkey, but without involving the EU. Gerald Knaus does not explain how the fact of dealing directly between Berlin and Ankara without involving Brussels would help the struggle against Euro-scepticism.

hamid el mardi jadarmiya 2008 mp3

Neither does he e, why Russia would want to see Syrian refugees drowning in the Aegean. No-one reacted to these insanities, since the refugee question has not been treated rationally for a long time. In passing, we learn that Sl Samsom has been consulting with several European Socialist governments since November, and that he has already visited Turkey. Except that, by some miracle, the 3 billion Euros which were to be paid to Turkey had now become 3 billion annually.

And yet in the time between the two European summits, the number of refugees who entered the Union illegally, through Turkey via Greece, is estimated at aboutIn six and one half months, we have gone from a crisis concerning migrants who were mostly African, and who drowned in the Mediterranean before reaching the coasts of Italy, to a windfall for German heavy industry, which was able to hireworkers at minimal cost, and then to an operation for financing the war against Syria and the displacement of its population.

Very competent, very professional, very intelligently moving towards the center, very shrewdly and effectively serving on the Armed Services Committee. Yes of course, one has to acknowledge it. Then—unless scandal hits her between July and November which Trump could exploit mercilesslyor her cell phone electrocutes her in the shower—Hillary will become the next Commander-in-Chief. People should of course ask themselves and others what that will mean to them and the world.

Here are some suggestions about what may be in store. Hillary sells herself to the electorate first and foremost as a woman, whose time has come. The first woman president to follow the first Black president. A woman who has fought for dl, girls, children and families—including especially people of color—all her life.

As required she identifies as liberal and progressive, and she has campaigned as these in the contest with Sanders. But Hillary—have you noticed? Hillary was a key player in all these events. Some speculate that, given his characterization of U. Mmp3 has all but declared war on Syria, for example, and will continue to provocatively expand NATO while pressuring Europe to 208 unpopular and painful sanctions against Russia.

She was First Hamld, after all. She was a New York state senator, the hagiographers continue. Not that she introduced any significant new legislation. Her years as senator were mainly designed to give her credibility as a presidential candidate. What an impressive apprenticeship, the pundits declare, for the presidency! The more it gets said, re-iterated by the likes of the golden-throated actor Morgan Freeman, the more it strikes the most impressionable as true.

Rather like the oft-repeated claim that African-Americans in general love the Clintons because… well, because they just do.

And forget about that Crime Bill of that has pushed more black youth into prison than were in slavery in But her very experience recommends her to another, far smaller, community: The world knows her better for her passion for bombing. Behind the mother-like affectations is a calculating, enthusiastic agent of imperialism.

That latter face is easy to expose, to any who want to do so. Let me try to now. The Republican senator from Arizona had suggested the French should have used nuclear weapons against the Vietnamese at Dienbienphu and that U. But in February the Senate Ethics Committee approved the deal. Four years later at age 21 Hillary had shifted allegiance to Eugene McCarthy, the antiwar candidate of the Democratic Party. Her party loyalty was apparently strengthened when she met Bill Clinton two years later at Yale.

But she was never a peacenik.